keyboard help

  1. gpaezch

    Keyboard goes crazy in Win7Pro while using MS-Word 2010

    Hi! I need some help here: While I am typing in Word 2010, my keyboard goes crazy: suddenly, the arow keys minimize and/or move my window, and I haven't been able to get it back to work again, so I end up restarting the PC. I guess its because I inadvertently press several keys at once and...
  2. capnralls

    Bad Keys

    One of my computers is a Dell Inspiron N5110. It was not booting up so I downloaded Neverware's Cloudready to replace OS. In order for me to sign in I have to sign in with WiFi password but some of my keys do not work. These keys ar B,G,H,N and arrow keys. Help if you can, I am stumped.
  3. nioc98

    Keyboard/card reader incompatibility.

    Can anybody say why my logitech keyboard won't work with transcend card reader plugged in? If I connect (USB) my Transcend card reader to any port in my PC, the Logitech K260 keyboard immediately stops working. Any ideas?
  4. N

    Thoughts on if this is something I can fix

    In the last two months my Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro laptop has developed a targeted issue with the s and d keys. The rest of my keyboard functions properly but the s and d keys have a moderate to severe delay. Sometimes they will function normally... sometimes I can get them to respond after two...
  5. T

    Solved laptop keyboard - issues with " and @ keys

    I have an Acer Nitro that I got 4 months ago. The model is AN515-42-R25P. They keyboard worked fine at first, but then I started having an issue that I've had with other computers, including older desktop PC's, but I think all were running Windows 10... I wasn't sure whether to put this in the...
  6. 2

    Keyboard buttons pressing themselves or not working at all

    The windows key and "p" button on my keyboard have started pressing themselves, meaning my laptop has been doing a lot of its own thing. When it's not doing this, I can still use the windows key as normal, but cannot use the p button at all - either it presses itself or nothing happens. To fix...
  7. Chrismc7931

    Capslock only works once i change program

    Ive had my keyboard for a couple months now but ever since a week ago, my capslock will turn the light indicator on and off but wont work unless i change the software im using. For example, if i have the capslock on in Word and turn it off, i will still type in capital letters despite the light...
  8. P

    Keyboard causing computer to act strange

    Hello, My Dell tower (unsure of the model number, please let me know what info I can give to narrow this down) has worked just fine for the past couple of years but just recently, after no changes in routine, began to type sporadic strings of text and use all kinds of shortcuts that cause new...
  9. J

    Keyboard not working HP

    Keyboard unresponsive on HP Pavillion laptop. I have tried restarting, the uninstalling method, searching for driver updates and it remains unavailable. Please help.
  10. I

    keyboard issues

    Hi, i have a problem where i can only type TYASDFJKLZXCVBNM and i also cant use backspace? Also btw I have a HP 15 Notebook PC
  11. O

    Odd Keyboard issue

    Hello everyone. first off I will start with my system specs.... Asus Rog GL502VM Intel Quad-Core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz 16g ddr4 Nvidia geforce gtx 1060 6gb video memory 3 USB 3.0 windows 10 So a few months ago my keyboard randomly stopped working (nothing spilled on it) so I wasn't able to login...
  12. H

    No Signal Monitor

    Hi! I'm building my first gaming PC. This is what I have: AMD RYZEN 5 1500X 3.5GHz Quad Core Processor MSI-B350M PRO-VDH ATX AM4 motherboard Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (1) DDR4-2666 Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050Ti 4GB graphics card...
  13. ItsJess

    Keyboard gone crazy, nobody able to understand why

    My laptop's keyboard keeps pressing random keys. One day it will start pressing sssssssss, the next day 000000000, then space, then ++++++++++++++ . I have given the pc for repair but nobody figured out the problem yet. Laptop Lenovo G50 Inbuilt keyboard I have cleaned it, used an external...
  14. Y

    Laptop keyboard not working

    Hello everyone, I have an ASUS Q551L notebook. I fell asleep with it last night watching a movie and must've bashed a bunch of the keys because my keyboard won'the type anymore. It started when I woke up and noticed that when I clicked on a link to YouTube, Chrome would download the link...
  15. B

    Keyboard Issues

    Quite often my keyboard starts doing weird stuff. When I'm playing a game it usually start to mess up. The enter button starts to shift my game between windowed and full screen mode. None of the letter keys work. As well, the space turns into a right-click. Sometimes its followed by my left...
  16. R

    Keyboard and mouse not working after reformatting

    I recently reformatted my pc but when Windows 10 finished reinstalling there was no cursor on my screen and I could no move my mouse or use my keyboard. The LEDs on my mouse work but not keyboard. I can use my mouse and keyboard on boot up and the BIOS screen. I have tried using another mouse...
  17. Aiden58738383

    Computer Spamming Keys at random Times.

    My computer has been randomly spamming keys for no reason, I'm 80% sure it is my keyboard, It is a G510s Logitech Gaming Keyboard, Most of the time It spams keys that I use often, Like Shift, W, S, ect I'm confident it isn't a virus or malware, I have done a full scan on my PC with Malwarebytes...
  18. S

    Computer won't let keyboards work anymore.

    The problem: All of a sudden I was typing along and then I just...wasn't. Like the laptop stopped showing what I was typing, but it still kept doing the little chime (or ding) sounds every time I'd press a key. I plugged in my back-up keyboard, and it did the same thing, still didn't show up...
  19. SnuzzButt

    Keyboard not working after switching off narrator

    Recently my narrator app was going haywire and narrating everything, I had to go to settings to turn it off. But once I did, my keyboard stopped working! The enter key still works just fine but the rest of the keys don't work. Cortana isn't being helpful and not responding to me. What should I do?
  20. M

    Keyboard doesn't type, only beeps each time I press a key

    My keyboard was acting a little strange after my younger child was playing on my 2012 ish Dell PC. I went into my device manager and somehow changed some setting and now the keyboard doesn't work at all, only beeps when keys are pressed. I tried disconnecting the keyboard and that did not help...