keyboard issues

  1. Khalidtaw

    Problem with my keyboard on the left side

    Hi, I am using Hp laptop windows 10 and I have a problem with my keyboard, I don't know if it's a software or hardware problem the left side shift, control, tap, and caps lock buttons/keys are not working. if it's a hardware problem how will I know it's a hardware problem or software? thanks...
  2. gpaezch

    Keyboard goes crazy in Win7Pro while using MS-Word 2010

    Hi! I need some help here: While I am typing in Word 2010, my keyboard goes crazy: suddenly, the arow keys minimize and/or move my window, and I haven't been able to get it back to work again, so I end up restarting the PC. I guess its because I inadvertently press several keys at once and...
  3. S

    keyboard not working

    i had problems with my original keyboard only typing some keys. i went through troubleshooting and installed new drivers and uninstalled and restarted my pc. i still had the same problem. i bought a new keyboard and installed it, making sure the ribbon was correctly in place. i turned on my pc...
  4. F

    Computer Acting Weird! HELP!

    Introduction: Hello, I have been having a issue out of my pc for the past few months. I've tried everything that I could think of including doing a few things I found online. Some thing's I've found have been able to fix the issue, but it will only remain that way for a few moments/hours then go...
  5. N

    Thoughts on if this is something I can fix

    In the last two months my Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro laptop has developed a targeted issue with the s and d keys. The rest of my keyboard functions properly but the s and d keys have a moderate to severe delay. Sometimes they will function normally... sometimes I can get them to respond after two...
  6. T

    Solved laptop keyboard - issues with " and @ keys

    I have an Acer Nitro that I got 4 months ago. The model is AN515-42-R25P. They keyboard worked fine at first, but then I started having an issue that I've had with other computers, including older desktop PC's, but I think all were running Windows 10... I wasn't sure whether to put this in the...
  7. V

    how do i fix locked keyboard

    laptop is Acer win 10 and just last night suddenly i can't log in on my windows acc on the log in screen. now i can't enter. The keyboard don't seem to work but i can't only type the letters, the numbers and others work except the letters. why tho? please help me. the mouse is working and the...
  8. Z

    Weird laptop keyboard behaviour

    I recently god my laptop repaired. I bought a HDD and got it replaced , it got fixed but the problem is when i try to login the keyboard behaviour starts to annoy me whenever my screen is at the windows login screen my keyboard suddenly starts working but obviously not hardware problem or maybe...
  9. 2

    Keyboard buttons pressing themselves or not working at all

    The windows key and "p" button on my keyboard have started pressing themselves, meaning my laptop has been doing a lot of its own thing. When it's not doing this, I can still use the windows key as normal, but cannot use the p button at all - either it presses itself or nothing happens. To fix...
  10. K

    Keyboard problem

    Hi my laptop always pops out the right-click dialogue box and I cannot even work on it.. I cannot even type in from the keyboard because the right click box interferes. Any solution for this please.. My OS is Windows 7
  11. Chrismc7931

    Capslock only works once i change program

    Ive had my keyboard for a couple months now but ever since a week ago, my capslock will turn the light indicator on and off but wont work unless i change the software im using. For example, if i have the capslock on in Word and turn it off, i will still type in capital letters despite the light...
  12. C

    In Progress Anti Malware Popup add installed itself on my laptop

    A couple months ago, I was trying to install something. A pop up advertisement for an anti malware program named “ByteFence” showed up and it installed itself. I tried to delete it but it wouldn’t go away. After, my laptop started to lag and freeze so I shut it down. Once I turned it back on, my...
  13. Thelippp

    My Toshiba laptop is not turning on at once...

    I have to remove battery 2 3 time qnd then have to click power button to start my laptop and when it turns on if I'm trying to restart it's not turning on again and I am facing one more problem with it my keyboard is not working properly some of keys are working and when I'm click on the other...
  14. P

    Keyboard causing computer to act strange

    Hello, My Dell tower (unsure of the model number, please let me know what info I can give to narrow this down) has worked just fine for the past couple of years but just recently, after no changes in routine, began to type sporadic strings of text and use all kinds of shortcuts that cause new...
  15. J

    Keyboard not working HP

    Keyboard unresponsive on HP Pavillion laptop. I have tried restarting, the uninstalling method, searching for driver updates and it remains unavailable. Please help.
  16. I

    keyboard issues

    Hi, i have a problem where i can only type TYASDFJKLZXCVBNM and i also cant use backspace? Also btw I have a HP 15 Notebook PC
  17. A

    Keyboard problems

    Not working keyboard on my pc, even I can't choose bios or any function keys also, removed mobo battery and reinsert to reset default values, but no luck, keyboard works in other computer, change every port, ports are working fine, usb disk also working, mouse working, but only keyboard not...
  18. H

    Keyboard not typing certain letters

    Help required with my desktop! I can not type the letters of the first column of keyboard i.e I am not able to type letters 1, q, a and z. I thought there was something wrong with my keyboard and hence bought a new keyboard. But there is another problem with the new keyboard some of its keys are...
  19. SparkPlugBolt

    Down Arrow key doesn't work in new laptop

    I bought a Lenovo Ideapad laptop last year and they installed Windows 10 on it. Soon after buying the laptop the cursor randomly kept scrolling down automatically. The problem stopped for a while after pressing the up arrow a few times. I called the store and they said to leave the laptop with...
  20. K

    Notebook keyboard not working properly

    Hi my computer(Asus k501u) was working really bad so I decided to errase everything and start again with a new windows. Now its working fast as ever but the keyboard it's not working properly. This is what i get: Z: xzw X: xzw C: c-+ V: vbgr N: mnhu and so on. I'm writing this on an external...