keyboard keys

  1. jefazo92

    Alt Key Not Working With F Keys (problems with ctrl too)

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite P50A (see keyboard in image attached), Windows 10, and for a few weeks now the ALT + F keys is not working at all. I can do Alt+ Tab and Ctrl+Alt+Supr to open Task Manager but not Alt+F keys. If I do Alt+F keys or just press an F key, it will just do the function...
  2. Khalidtaw

    Problem with my keyboard on the left side

    Hi, I am using Hp laptop windows 10 and I have a problem with my keyboard, I don't know if it's a software or hardware problem the left side shift, control, tap, and caps lock buttons/keys are not working. if it's a hardware problem how will I know it's a hardware problem or software? thanks...
  3. N

    Thoughts on if this is something I can fix

    In the last two months my Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro laptop has developed a targeted issue with the s and d keys. The rest of my keyboard functions properly but the s and d keys have a moderate to severe delay. Sometimes they will function normally... sometimes I can get them to respond after two...
  4. T

    Solved laptop keyboard - issues with " and @ keys

    I have an Acer Nitro that I got 4 months ago. The model is AN515-42-R25P. They keyboard worked fine at first, but then I started having an issue that I've had with other computers, including older desktop PC's, but I think all were running Windows 10... I wasn't sure whether to put this in the...
  5. V

    how do i fix locked keyboard

    laptop is Acer win 10 and just last night suddenly i can't log in on my windows acc on the log in screen. now i can't enter. The keyboard don't seem to work but i can't only type the letters, the numbers and others work except the letters. why tho? please help me. the mouse is working and the...
  6. H

    help my keyboard is messed up

    my kid managed to somehow mess up my laptops keyboard. the problem was that when i pressed c it would type in c/, d would d; and etc, now these are all fine exept of e and caps lock shift. /to type e i used copy and paste/ i tried turning the numlk off and it fixed most exept for e. pleas help...
  7. Chrismc7931

    Capslock only works once i change program

    Ive had my keyboard for a couple months now but ever since a week ago, my capslock will turn the light indicator on and off but wont work unless i change the software im using. For example, if i have the capslock on in Word and turn it off, i will still type in capital letters despite the light...
  8. Thelippp

    My Toshiba laptop is not turning on at once...

    I have to remove battery 2 3 time qnd then have to click power button to start my laptop and when it turns on if I'm trying to restart it's not turning on again and I am facing one more problem with it my keyboard is not working properly some of keys are working and when I'm click on the other...
  9. J

    Keyboard not working HP

    Keyboard unresponsive on HP Pavillion laptop. I have tried restarting, the uninstalling method, searching for driver updates and it remains unavailable. Please help.
  10. I

    keyboard issues

    Hi, i have a problem where i can only type TYASDFJKLZXCVBNM and i also cant use backspace? Also btw I have a HP 15 Notebook PC
  11. J

    Keyboard issue

    Hello For the last two days, my keyboard has been acting weird For instance, if I write the letter p I get this instead eiortuypqw (had to copy and paste the letter) Same goes for other buttons on the right side of my keyboard Any idea what caused this and how I can fix it? I would really like...
  12. ItsJess

    Keyboard gone crazy, nobody able to understand why

    My laptop's keyboard keeps pressing random keys. One day it will start pressing sssssssss, the next day 000000000, then space, then ++++++++++++++ . I have given the pc for repair but nobody figured out the problem yet. Laptop Lenovo G50 Inbuilt keyboard I have cleaned it, used an external...
  13. E

    "t" key not working! unless together with "shift"

    Hello! I noticed today that my "t" key doesn't work any more. I doesn't work on either my laptop keyboard, external keyboard or the on-screen keyboard. HOWEVER, i does work if used together with "shift" as a capital letter "T". I've read around for solutions for about an hour now but can only...
  14. K

    Keyboard issues

    Having problem where certain keys on my keyboard (e, r, u, i and o) will not work sometimes. Tried cleaning, blowing, shaking etc. Also tried an external keyboard which also had problems with the exact same keys. Did not spill anything on laptop or drop it or anything like that. It is an HP...