keyboard problems

  1. M

    Solved cannot type into a web browser using my keyboard but shortc

    Cannot type into any web browser or app that is connected to the internet As the title suggests I cannot type into any web browser I can use email it seems. But firefox or Chrome nothing. I had to use my notepad to write this. I can however type if I use the on screen keyboard but not a...
  2. S

    No keyboard detected!

    So I bumped my computer while cleaning today and it turned off.. when I restarted the pc everything started up fine all harddrives , cpu, graphics card, and fans. It loads right to the log in screen but both my mouse and keyboard won't work, I have tried every usb port and turned it off and on...
  3. marianne

    Keyboard problems out of sync like delayed

    After I've been typing a while or my computer has been on a long while I have difficulty typing, there's frequently a delay between hitting each key. It's quite frustrating. My ASUS wireless keyboard died but before I knew it was not working properly I fooled abound with the "ease of use" menu...