1. Sugarrpop

    Up key stuck not physically

    Hey I have a problem and I can't fix it I even resested and full reset but it's like my up key is stuck but not physically when I press anything the up key keeps going up and pressing random stuff. Everytime I press anything the up key is activated on my keyboard
  2. B

    What problems a keyboard can have?

    Hi there, this is berserker I had few problems with iBall slender 22 keyboard I had this in garage eating dust from a long time, I opened it and cleaned it but I could not identify the connectivity problem, it was not detected on my main laptop win 10, on another laptop win 7 it was unable to...
  3. davehim

    Logitech Folio Touch

    Hi, I recently bought a touch folio with trackpad for my iPad Air (4th gen). Within the first few days of having it I started noticing some issues with the scrolling but I figured it out. Unfortunately right after that my keyboard started acting up. The keys on the right side of the keyboard are...
  4. mutandaverde

    Holding key sends short signal

    Hello, I would like to have a string for cmd (windows) or anything else (maybe also from control panel) in order to have a signal from my keyboard to last for only 0.1 seconds, or less/more, just the lowest time possible even when holding it down. Holding key for (1/2/3/4/...) seconds sends...
  5. M

    Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

    Hi, I work in a school and we have a number of Lenovo Chromebooks were the keyboards have stop working either partially or all together. Some will type some of the characters while others will type none. This is sometimes (but not always) fixed by using an external keyboard through the USB. So...
  6. L

    Can’t get into bios!

    Please help!! Can’t get into bios setup (wanting to do a clean install of windows 10) I have a asus p6t motherboard and I’ve tried doing what it says to press del (even holding, rapid pressing, even other keys like f12, tab, etc) to no avail. Is my keyboard not registering before it starts...
  7. Brandon111

    Keyboard issue

    My keyboard is typing multiple characters when one is pressed h - > hy6 y - > hy6 6 - > hy6 etc. , this is happening to almost my whole keyboard it started after I went to sleep and turned on my laptop the next day, the first 2 days i was able to fix it by playing around with the...
  8. D

    Lenovo 110 15ISK keyboard not working properly

    My Lenovo ideapad keyboard only partially working. I get a configure change request on startup for the computers TPM, but cannot get past it due to the enter key being one of the keys not working. Just need some advice.
  9. Thomo99

    Problem connecting devices

    Hi guys, Wasn't sure where to post this thread. I have had my pc for a few months now and have been having consistent issues connecting my monitors, mouse and keyboard. When I turn the pc on more often than not the devices will not connect. The monitor will remain black and not connect. I...
  10. G

    Games are breaking my keyboard??

    I've run into a strange problem, and I've had no luck even finding someone who has the same problem as me. I've found similar issues but nothing that has helped. This has happened to me both when playing Minecraft through the Technic Launcher and Stardew Valley on Steam, I assume it would happen...
  11. ElijahJSanders

    Strange Things Happening After Mandatory Microsoft Update

    A while ago, maybe a couple months ago(?) (I believe I'm on Windows 10), there was a mandatory update. Afterwards, I have had the following issues, which I've been grinning and bearing, agonizingly so: -Often, it will start running a random string of 5s (555555555555555555555555) and just keeps...
  12. GuiltyAsCharged

    Massive stuff-up and no idea how to fix this problem

    I just sent my main laptop - an Acer - into Siberia. Cause: spilled some drink on the keyboard. I grabbed paper towel and wiped it off. However, I was also depressing all the Function keys at the same time. When I try a bit later to type in text for a search, it is complete gibberish. Keys...
  13. EpicMDFC

    Keyboard isnt working properly

    So I don't know how to explain this but ill try my best Basically a couple weeks to a month ago my young neice spilt milk on the pc, it is working now except when I press the keyboard keys nothing happens, BUT heres the weird thing, when I go to type on the onscreen keyboard and a bluetooth...
  14. L

    Keyboard/Mouse delay

    I apologise, I am new here and desperate for help. I've had this issue in the past and I started feeling it in the game League of Legends. In short my keyboard and mouse sometimes have a delay before they react ingame. 1-3 seconds of delay. Sometimes I dont feel it, sometimes I feel a bit...
  15. jersv

    Some Keyboard keys are not working

    Hello! I'm kind of worried and scared because I'm just a broke highschool student doing online classes. So one day I asked my brother to help me dust off my laptop. I was thinking that maybe my laptop is slow because of the dirt inside. We opened the back of my laptop and dusted it with a...
  16. EmeraldALT

    Keys on my keyboard are acting up?

    Hi there! I tried playing some games online today and I use ALT and CTRL alot When I press ALT or CTRL, It disables any keys from typing or doing anything until I let go? I'm not sure what it is? I've uninstalled my keyboard drivers and everything!! It's only started happening today not sure...
  17. Khalidtaw

    Problem with my keyboard on the left side

    Hi, I am using Hp laptop windows 10 and I have a problem with my keyboard, I don't know if it's a software or hardware problem the left side shift, control, tap, and caps lock buttons/keys are not working. if it's a hardware problem how will I know it's a hardware problem or software? thanks...
  18. L

    PC turns on but no signal and no light on mouse or keyboard

    Hello, I bought new PSU, new SSD, new RAM, and I had Asrock h110m-dgs with Core i5 6400 from 2017. When I connect to DVI on MBO and turn PC on, there is no signal and no light on mouse or keyboard. Sometimes, very rarely, I get it to work, but its pretty random. Do you think I should buy new...
  19. Marcus.thorne475

    Random key pressing

    So i was playing call of duty on my pc the other day then all of a sudden my computer went crazy and started pressing the wasd keys repeatedly, it was pausing the game and moving my character. So i went off the game and my computer was still pressing all these buttons without me touching a...
  20. RiseUp

    Keyboard issues

    Hello everyone! Here is the problem i have. Couple of days ago i bought new keyboard, Genius Scorpion K10. I use it as extra keyboard for my laptop, i also have extra monitor (not sure it's relevant to the problem but who knows at this point :D ). I have noticed that very often while im typing...