1. L

    PC turns on but no signal and no light on mouse or keyboard

    Hello, I bought new PSU, new SSD, new RAM, and I had Asrock h110m-dgs with Core i5 6400 from 2017. When I connect to DVI on MBO and turn PC on, there is no signal and no light on mouse or keyboard. Sometimes, very rarely, I get it to work, but its pretty random. Do you think I should buy new...
  2. Marcus.thorne475

    Random key pressing

    So i was playing call of duty on my pc the other day then all of a sudden my computer went crazy and started pressing the wasd keys repeatedly, it was pausing the game and moving my character. So i went off the game and my computer was still pressing all these buttons without me touching a...
  3. RiseUp

    Keyboard issues

    Hello everyone! Here is the problem i have. Couple of days ago i bought new keyboard, Genius Scorpion K10. I use it as extra keyboard for my laptop, i also have extra monitor (not sure it's relevant to the problem but who knows at this point :D ). I have noticed that very often while im typing...
  4. User7

    My Hardware spontaneously died on me

    Basically on my windows 10 PC I played a game and after I was finished I turned off the computer. As I turned on the computer it was running, I didn't pull out any cables and did not even use the keyboard or mouse before. The first bad sign was the no signal sogn on the monitor that worked at...
  5. AlexTheGamer

    Alt Button Makes Me Restart PC

    Hi! The alt button on my PC turns on automatically and it freezes up where I can not do anything and I have to restart the computer. I restarted the system once but now I shut down all the time. Can someone help me and get where the alt does not push automatically and makes me restart.
  6. Mitchstrick

    Key randomly inputs/doesn't input

    Hello, I was having some trouble with my laptop keyboard. At random times the left arrow key will input, and some of the times I press it, it doesn't work. I already reinstalled the drivers, any idea what else it could be?
  7. Faredust

    Alt key toggle problem

    Hello, I have find something that never happened to me before. For some reason after pressing ALT key, it stays pressed. I have to press it again to remove the toggle. I read some forums to resolve the problem, but nothing helped. I think it is a software problem tho. When I hold Window key, it...
  8. RecklessTV

    Cannot get Victsing keyboard into BIOS mode

    As this isn't an issue with my computer directly I won't be posting my specs. The reason that I am posting here is because I have looked around on Google looking for a way to put my Victsing keyboard into BIOS mode. My old Corsair keyboard had a button above the f11 key that was the WinLock...
  9. excanema

    PC displays the buttons i pressed after using shift

    My laptop started to display the buttons i pressed after using shift,ctrl or alt. when I press shift,ctrl or alt I see rectangular area on my screen and it shows the buttons I press after using shift,ctrl or alt
  10. LynaL

    Keyboard does not work

    Hi my Asus s510u laptop's keyboard isn't working. First, my laptop couldn't turn on. I tried pressing down the power button but nothing happened and so I removed the battery and placed it back inside. My laptop now can turn on but only if my charger is plugged on. Now that my laptop is up and...
  11. S

    How to dismantle my keyboard

    I have a Sony VAIO SVL2412M1E/B AiO desktop computer. My keyboard is like a flat shape. It really looks grubby underneath the keys and I want to take off the top shell of the keyboard to properly remove the dirt and grime, but I do not want to break anything. How can I do it? Many thanks.
  12. cicacarryme

    AZERTY- keyrow isn't working, the rest works perfect...

    I'm talking about the apex M750 mechanical keyboard. So, yesterday I plugged this badboy in and I noticed that the whole AZERTY-keyrow wasn't working (I added a picture for clarification), but the rest of the keyboard works perfect. I haven't spilled liquid on it so this is kinda strange. I...
  13. A

    Keyboard WASD movement stuttering

    Hello everybody I've been having problems with my movement in games for the longest time. Whenever I move around with the "WASD" keys, my movement stutters and it teleports me in a way I guess. I'm not sure how to describe this, but whenever I move, the game teleports me slightly. This is really...
  14. B

    What kind of key combinations uses my laptop/Windows?

    Hello! I bought an ACER Aspire 3 A315-42-R3F7 laptop soon but it turned out that all my keyboard combinations don't work the normal way. For example, Alt + F4 isn't working. Instead, it changes the brightness level. F12 isn't working at all... and I'm planning on studying coding... need to see...
  15. G

    Mac keyboard typing multiple characters

    Help! My Mac Airbook has just started to type multiple characters when i am only pressing one key. It does it for all 12 keys on the left hand side starting from 1,QAZ through to 3EDC When I press just one e.g A it comes up with asd. Q comes up with eqw and so forth. It's only happening with...
  16. T

    Can't get the correct keyboard language

    Hi, I've got issues with my keyboard since I did a clean windows 10 install yesterday. I can't get the correct keyboard layout I want. I need the Dutch layout but when I go to settings, languages and add the dutch keyboard layout, I get combinations that are not Dutch at all. Like shift+2...
  17. B

    Keyboard not working on windows 10 laptop

    I started my laptop today and on startup The keyboard did nothing. It usually has rainbow lights as the model is Desktop-20T3J0L but it's not lit up at all and when I go to device manager. There isn't a "keyboard" option at all
  18. K

    Keyboard Not Detected

    I have a Lenovo L340 computer, I was working on an assignment today when the keyboard spontaneously stopped working. I tried restarting my computer and when it booted back up a black screen with the words “keyboard not detected” popped up. I tried looking through some settings, the driver...
  19. K

    Keyboard and mouse are not working

    Recently I had a problem. When I change my Graphics settings for Apex Legends. And then blue screen with unknown error code. After trying to reset my pc. My keyboard and mouse would not work and I could not log in.
  20. N

    Keyboard Freezing Upon CapsLock

    I've been using the same Samsung Galaxy On5 phone for years now, I've grown very accustom to it and know it in and out. For a while now, I have had problems where the keyboard would lag when switching between the capitalized letters and lowercase by clicking the arrow. I set my keyboard so it...