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    my keyboard switches

    Hey there I'm new to the site and I have recently started to get big on gaming, I have been looking into a keyboard I would like and have after a lot of research decided to buy it but I am unsure what switch exactly I should use and was wondering if anyone here could help. So a bit of backstory...
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    Solved Input From Two Different Keyboards

    I love MMORPGs and lately have been wanting to try an experiment. I want to be able to macro most if not all of the keys on my secondary keyboard I have without buying any hardware. Example: When I press the W key in a game, I walk forward. With the way things are now, no matter which W key...
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    Keyboard Won't Type the Letter "N" (Moved from Windows 10 forum)

    the letter next to the letter n will not type nothing happens when u type that letter. i have tried 3 different keyboards and they all do the sae thing.