keys not working

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    Taskbar not working (but that's not all)

    Hey guys hope you're all doing well :) I have an Acer Spin 3 laptop that i only bought at the beginning of this year. Recently, the taskbar has completely stopped working; i can't search up anything on it, and in addition to that, i can't right click on any of the icons in the task bar. I can...
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    Pause/Play key not working?

    I currently own a Surface pro Gen 5, I used to play music on Spotify and have Google Chrome up at the same time as I studied, but I ran into a problem, when ever I have my YouTube open on Chrome (from watching previous videos) and I press the Pause/Play button on my keyboard (F3) it would play...
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    MACBook Air SMC Reser

    HI MY MACBOOK AIR IS HAVING ANNOYING ISSUES SUCH AS -loud fan -not working unless plugged in -specific keys not working -spinning beach ball I have done research and many say an SMC reset should fix all these problems but I am unable to do that as I require to use the shift and power key and...
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    row of HP laptop keys quit working

    Computer: HP Elitebook 8460p Sys: Win 10 64 bit Out of the blue one row of keys (9,O,L, and period) quit working. I blew the keyboard out with compressed air and they worked for a bit, then they quit again. Nothing got spilled on them. Is there a chance the laptop got hot enough to melt some...
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    Spaceboard and keys on the right not working..Thank you

    Hi folks, First time here. My laptop was in for repairs -diagnostics but now my spacebar on my laptop doesn't work or the keys on the right. Currently using on screen keyboard but not ideal. Tried to update driver but no effect. Have windows 10 and using an acer ASPIRE v3 -572pg-570Q...