kindle fire

  1. F

    Kindle Fire 8 connects to wifi then drops off, after fully booted

    Hi my father of 80 years of age has a kindle fire 8 and it's been working fine since xmas, but now when he turns it on, it connects to wifi for a few seconds but then connection just disappears, after a message pops up saying boot up complete, then connection is lost. Other things in the house...
  2. ASPyr97ga

    My Kindle Fire is stuck on the logo screen

    I tried to install twrp.img using flashy. Since flashy flashed twrp my kindle fire has been stuck on the logo screen. My kindle has no sd card slot and my PC doesn't detect in this state. Also the holding the power button tricks do nothing. What should I do?
  3. JamesCRocks

    Kindle Conversion

    Hi, So, my Kindle Fire is getting really slow ... so slow as to be unusable. I tried converting it to ACT like an Android (gives it access to Google Play Store which the Fire doesn't normally have) which worked but was still woefully slow. I, therefore, reasoned that what it needed was just...
  4. M

    "Permanently deleted file" help

    I’m hoping there’s a solution to this one. I own a Amazon Kindle Fire. I’m not positive, but, though it might be irrelevant, I believe it to be the “Fire HD 8 5th Generation”. After lending my personal device to another for some time, I retrieved it. I discovered later on that one of my...