1. ASPyr97ga

    My Kindle Fire is stuck on the logo screen

    I tried to install twrp.img using flashy. Since flashy flashed twrp my kindle fire has been stuck on the logo screen. My kindle has no sd card slot and my PC doesn't detect in this state. Also the holding the power button tricks do nothing. What should I do?
  2. Liber8ed1

    If I remove an app from cloud

    Might be a dumb question, but if I remove an app from my cloud storage (kindle fire hdx7) do I have to repurchase the app to use it again?
  3. M

    New not Detecting devices

    I have been using my adata 1tb portable hard drive and kindle paperwhite on a notebook which has windows 10 installed on it.suddenly the computer stops detecting those Devices. after that those two devices are stopped being recongnized by any other computers. the hard drive starts beeping and...
  4. A

    verification in Amazon to get into account, and for kindle

    I am going crazy. Every time, I try to do something in Amazon, it requires me to get a code from its "verification service". For example when I try to log in to my Prime account to buy something, or when I try to get into an eBook in in the bookshelf of Kindle. It happens 10 times a day. Phone...
  5. K

    Device Driver Issues

    I have an HP Pavilion G7 that is about 6 years old. It's running Windows 10 and I haven't had any prior issues with it. Problem: After much troubleshooting I am finding that my computer is not recognizing devices that I plug into any of the three USB Ports. It will charge anything that I plug...
  6. D

    New Kindle Fire HD 4th Gen; malware claiming to be FBI

    Immediately upon opening any app on the Kindle, it redirects to a page (not a webpage) that can only be left by returning to the home screen. Cannot access settings, internet, books, etc. The malware claims that the only way to remove the watch by the "FBI" is to buy a $100 iTunes gift card...