1. A

    Solved Pl. see if the RAM I'm buying is compatible with my desktop

    Hello all, I've just joined this forum in order to get an expert opinion regarding if the RAM I'm going to buy is compatible with my computer or not. Right now, I've only 2GB RAM and I want to add 4GB to increase the speed. Following is the link to the specification of my desktop computer...
  2. AntonMiEngland

    Solved DRAM Chip locations

    Main question: What is the difference with RAM chip layouts? I was looking at some Crucial DDR4 and comparing it to a Kingston DDR4 and I think I noticed that the Kingston had 8 large chips, while the Crucial had 4 larger chips (I can't be sure because the sticker covers them). I can't seem to...
  3. Thaas

    RAM Memory problem for gaming

    Hello, a few months ago i upgraded my ram memory because it was only 2x2 GB, so i purchased 2x4 Kingston 2133 , (these...