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    my toshiba laptop keep freezing

    (by the way idk if this is a windows 7 related issue or hardware or something else) so the other day i was playing a game on my laptop. I close it and went to sleep and when i woke up i forgot to plug it in did that then turn it on than when the desktop comes on 1 to 3 mins...
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    Lenovo g505s charging problem

    So following from yesterday, I brought a new charger and still it doesn't charge. When I take out the battery it doesn't even load up, and when I plug it in the white and red light flashes when I try and turn it on. Help anyone?
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    Solved ASUS Flickering taskbar and software win 10

    i have Model: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. N550JX 1.0 Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 x64 CPU Name: DESKTOP-C0SBKEH Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz Total Memory: 16.0 GiB expandable to 32.0 GiB model number: Asus intel / 7260HMW with Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 and Nvidia...
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    On Tuesday, March 9th very late in the night, I accepted to Upgrade My Microsoft since I kept on receiving those messages and it asked me for a time and date and I therefore chose it. Well the very next Morning today, my Labtop has been giving me the following problems so far.. The...