1. Ovivtopher

    Lag Time when typing/using mouse - Windows 10

    In August, I posted a thread about keyboard/mouse lag time. The issue was, and still is, that when I type, move the mouse, scroll, open/close folders, click on links, etc. the action doesn't always display on the screen or responds in sync, but rather a few seconds later. Some days the lag time...
  2. D

    PC lag when I close applications

    Hi everybody I have a problem when i close applications the computers freezes for couple of seconds (sometimes i have to hard reset) and the audio lags. This pc isnt even a year old and i forgot to mention it sometimes happens when the computer is just idle or i am listening to music. And the...
  3. F

    Help With Qos Please!

    Hey Guys, I recently moved into a new apartment for my university year but I have an annoying roommate who loves to hog the net speed by streaming videos. Therefore, after browsing the net, I stumbled upon QoS and seems like my router doesn't have the same QoS settings as the ones commonly...