1. Varnae

    Random fps drops

    Hello, i wanted to play doom eternal, i saw on youtube that guys are playing almost on ultra nightmare settings...on gtx 1060, i have also gtx 1060 but with max-q. I can run the game on 60 or more fps, but anyway i have random fps drops to 7-15 fps. I also tried to reinstall windows, installed...
  2. S

    Sudden Slow Internet Connection on PC

    Everything was working perfectly fine the other day but now for the first time in 6 months I am facing this problem. My internet connection got really slow , from 30MBps i used to have to a 1-2MBps max and I am sure it is a computer problem since all the other devices seem to be working just...
  3. P

    New computer stutters

    Hi A bought a new computer this monday. I love it, but today it began to act up. The sound stutters, laggs, and the mouse does so too. The mouse lagg/skips and slows down. I have search around but cant seem to find any help. As said, its soooo new, and should not be doing this. I have updated...