1. vuk4091

    Laggy media and games

    One day i was just playing games, then my game was really lagging. i thought it was just the internet connection. Then i opened a offline game and it was still laggy (the is minecraft). Then i wanted to watch some youtube videos how to fix this problem. I realized that youtube videos are...
  2. I

    Interesting OS freeze/lagging issue please help

    So I built a new PC the other day. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus mobo i7 8700k GTX 1070 ti (upgrading to an RTX 2070 super later today) 16GB Ram Corsair H100i platinum rgb AIO 250gb Samsung 970 evo plus M.2 for boot Samsung 860 evo 1TB SSD WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB SSD My PSU isn’t the best...
  3. M


    I can't play games cause my computer starts to lag, which has never been a problem. Internet works fine. I've rebooted the entire computer. Installed newest windows update. Installed newest graphics card update. CPU seems to look fine. I don't know much about computers, can someone pls help me?
  4. A

    Lagging in every game and even crash on firefox

    So i've just upgraded my PC.. there is something i don't understand, read carefully, i will tell every detail.. Before upgrading, in 2012 i had these AMD R7 260x 2gb and i3-3320 3.30ghz 8GB RAM which is surprisingly awesome playing hardcore games like Rainbow Six, GTA V, The Witcher 3...
  5. B

    Audio Cracks

    the audio keeps crackling when I do anything on my computer, I think my entire computer is stuttering and causing the audio to lag too, but I checked task manager and there is nothing that would cause my computer to be so slow. I recently updated my audio drivers. this is my build...
  6. F

    Game worked one day then lags heavy the next.

    I downloaded Battle chef brigade and played it all night. it worked great with no lagging whatsoever. i tried again a few days later and its lagging so bad its unplayable. after that i went to "can i run it" to see if i met the requirements and discovered that now i dont have enough ram (i have...
  7. W

    Solved Lagging windows explorer, web browsing, youtube video

    Hi, I have been experiencing lagging on many processes while operating my computer. Dragging windows around lags, refreshing thumbnails in windows explorer and scrolling is super slow. Browsing the web on Chrome also is very slow. Websites take a while to load. When I scroll it stutters and...
  8. G

    Compatability of window 10 or window 8 with my pc

    My pc specs are- MoBo- Msi g41m-p33 combo CPU- intel pentium r d cpu 2.80gh ram - DDR3 2gb ram currently windows 7 ultimate graphic card integrated g41 chipset seagate pipeline sata 320 gb and can someone tell me why this pc lags when using youtube or even...
  9. K

    Slow internet and dropping out. Is it ISP fault or mine?

    Hi there, We have been receiving very slow internet speeds. They largely fluctuate at a high of 4.45mbps (for a few minutes) to 0.1 mbps - very slow. We have had little help from our service provider who are saying it is something we are doing at our end. Blaming everything from server being...
  10. E

    webcam lags often

    when i open up my cam in safari it lags. but in FaceTime and Skype it does not. when i opened it in safari and then opened my face time app at the same time it stopped lagging but the cam quality was not as good as it usually is. I'm confused because my internet is good and this is a 3 week old...
  11. M

    Is it a simple conflict? Windows 10 bug? Virus? Malware??

    I took my computer to Microsoft, and they did a clean install of Win1o. Worked fine for a few days, and now is lagging, hanging and running really wonky. My apps, programs and internet are all lagging way behind and I repeatedly get "not responding" when I open a program (MSWord) or try to...
  12. P

    New computer stutters

    Hi A bought a new computer this monday. I love it, but today it began to act up. The sound stutters, laggs, and the mouse does so too. The mouse lagg/skips and slows down. I have search around but cant seem to find any help. As said, its soooo new, and should not be doing this. I have updated...
  13. R

    Spiking Ping.

    Hello; Just want to say that last time i asked for help on here i got consistent feedback and support, so thanks for all of the input!. I really appreciated it!. I am having some minor issues with ping, which is affecting online gaming and would be really greatful for some help. I have tried...
  14. S

    Why does my PC lag/crash so much?

    My PC is lagging very badly as usual. It can't even handle Google Chrome even with such a good configuration. I use softwares like Adobe Photoshop, After FX, Nuke etc and I'm doing only basic work in these applications. It's only rarely that I'm able to use my pc otherwise I'm subscribed to...