1. T

    100% Disk Usage, Seemingly Out of Nowhere

    I used my PC to play some games maybe a week, or so, ago. It was running fine, no issues from what I could tell and the PC was running properly. I didn't play for about a week due to work, then turned the PC off completely to unplug it in order to set my new desk up. I got the desk set up...
  2. chiknez

    Solved Slow Laptop: HP Laptop 15-bw0xx

    I purchased my laptop in a brand new condition back in 2018, it’s had an issue since then where it will run fast and then gradually slow down/lag (happens often when I play my game) I’ve cleared storage however there’s still not much space left and I’ve tried updating the processor/drive using...
  3. N

    Computer is Messing up

    So, I did a reset on my computer to remove corrupted files and I selected the "Cloud download" option. When everything was finished, the corrupted files were gone, but I still got the same BSOD (kernel security check failure). My computer's also much slower compared to last time (when I didn't...
  4. M

    Solved My game randomly gets FPS drops in fortnite

    PLEASE HELP MY game is freaking lagging, im getting fps drops everytime, i usually get about 70-90 degrees celcius, and when i run my game fortnite. But when i dont it doesnt happen, but i still get lag in the game PLEASE HELP if u can, i usually get 120 fps and then it drops 60 fps and lower...