lan cable

  1. MaestroMetty

    LAN-LAN Router no access to Internet

    Hi guys, I've recently passed some Ethernet Cables into my house to extend Internet access inside my house. I've now this setup. Router number 1 and 2 are on third floor, number 3 and 4 in first floor. Now I have my PC connected to router number 3 and 100% of the time I have internet...
  2. K

    Desktop doesn't show up when LAN is connected!!

    The PC boots up quite right when the ethernet cable is disconnected but when it is left on at start up, the display goes blank after the user selection screen. It becomes normal after about half an hour. I don't know if I should get a new LAN card or if the problem is a software related one. PC...
  3. H

    Slow lan connection

    Hi, I have a PC (Windows 7 64 bit) that is connected to a Siemens modem by a LAN cable. With regard to internet connection, it was working perfect and my internet speed was very satisfying but suddenly one day it became so slow. However, my wifi internet connection in other devices (laptop...
  4. O

    Ethernet Port

    So I’m in college and last year I stayed in a dorm. I got a ps4 and I played 2k but when I was online, it was lagging. A friend told me to get a lan cable, i did and it was better. Now I moved to an apartment and the lan cable doesn’t not fit on the port. I’m wondering if there’s a smaller or...
  5. 6

    ethernet cable disables all internet

    Whenever I plug in my Ethernet cable into my pc and the other end into the wall, all of the internet in the house stops. My pc is slightly over a week old, but i have still installed all of the drivers i could find to fix the problem
  6. C

    LAN cable too short

    Hi I want to connect two LAN cables together to reach another computer. I only have an ADSL splitter/filter. Can I click them into each end of that? Obviously want I to avoid the filter inside it.
  7. S

    Network Lan & Ethernet connection routers (server & router)

    Hello Guys... I'm here for some assistance regarding Networking thru Ethernet cable and routers. 1. Have set a desktop as server assigned an IP and configured it. 2. Have connected 2 clients within nearby range of distance (all is good going here) 3. Have a 3rd client PC quite far but the...
  8. W

    LAN Issues on Newly Built Computer

    I recently built a new gaming computer and the Internet on it took my regular speed and basically butchered it. I then figured out that what I was missing was the newest LAN driver. After I installed that driver, everything was great for weeks. Then one day, I try to get on it to do my regular...
  9. Karra

    Lan Cable not detected. Need help! (Driver or Powerline issue?)

    Hello, i'm karra and im need of some help. Using win 10 i have had my own pc for a while now and up until now i have been using a Wi-Fi adapter. But i saved up some money and went and bought myself a powerline unit. (TP link TL-PA4010P) This is supposed to give me cabled internet. but there is...