lan connection not working

  1. MaestroMetty

    LAN-LAN Router no access to Internet

    Hi guys, I've recently passed some Ethernet Cables into my house to extend Internet access inside my house. I've now this setup. Router number 1 and 2 are on third floor, number 3 and 4 in first floor. Now I have my PC connected to router number 3 and 100% of the time I have internet...
  2. xdev

    Can't connect to the internet

    Hey. Im using windows 10 and was connected to my router using ethernet cable, I was able to acces the internet but suddenly in the middle of using the pc, I can no longer access any website or internet in any form even though the indicator at the bottom right on the desktop says nothing is wrong...
  3. L

    Windows 7 After Reset won’t install any drivers

    I have recently reset my PC after a nasty virus. I booted it from a windows 7 professional disk. When I Logged on no drivers would install. It would not recognize my working LAN cable plugged into my router. I tested the cable on another PC and it worked. Please help me resolve this
  4. 9

    University's Wi-Fi works, except for certain games...

    Hello there! So recently I moved to northern Germany in order to study there. I'm now living in a student union (or whatever it is called in english). So basically I live in a apartment provided by my university, which also includes a Lan-Connection. I've followed the given instructions on...
  5. S

    Network Lan & Ethernet connection routers (server & router)

    Hello Guys... I'm here for some assistance regarding Networking thru Ethernet cable and routers. 1. Have set a desktop as server assigned an IP and configured it. 2. Have connected 2 clients within nearby range of distance (all is good going here) 3. Have a 3rd client PC quite far but the...
  6. L

    Solved No valid ip address error, ethernet connection issue

    I use a BT Broadband extender that has worked perfectly for a couple years now, extender meaning router to socket, and socket to pc connection. Today I went to make dinner and came back and my pc will no longer connect. Troubleshooting shows an error stating there is no valid ip address, I have...
  7. T

    I cannot install Drivers. I have no Intel(r) adapter?

    I am having an insanely frustrating issue. I just build a brand new gaming rig and it isn't working for the life of me... Intel I-5 6600 MSI Krait Gaming 3x Motherboard I installed Windows 10 on it, the installation seemed to go well. I logged in and it said that the display drivers were...
  8. P

    LAN connection not working

    Me and a friend often have LAN parties at my house. Today however, we could not connect via the same LAN connection that we always use. We have tried changing firewall settings and even turning it off but still no luck. He can ping to my PC successfully but i can not ping to his Laptop. We...
  9. W

    How to connect Nexuslink3100U to a cable modem

    I am trying to connect the Nxuslink 3100U to a cable modem provided by charter in order to use it as a wifi router or at least give myself the extra ethernet ports to run cat 5 to
  10. T

    Internet connection Times out for 5 seconds randomly

    I have a HP Pavillion p6000 series, Running windows 7pro on it. Using Chrome for browser which is also updated. It is connected to a switch hub that connects to the wall connection. Lately this computer has been timing out when ever the user is online. There are other computers which are...
  11. Interrobang42

    Solved New Computer, Lan/Ethernet not recognized?

    Hi! First time posting here. If I'm doing something wrong please let me know. I built a new computer, with Windows 10 home 64-bit, and when I go to Network Settings, I don't get an option for Ethernet. I plugged a PCI wifi adapter in, and I can get online this way, but it is much slower, so I...
  12. W

    LAN Issues on Newly Built Computer

    I recently built a new gaming computer and the Internet on it took my regular speed and basically butchered it. I then figured out that what I was missing was the newest LAN driver. After I installed that driver, everything was great for weeks. Then one day, I try to get on it to do my regular...
  13. E

    Connection but no internet

    For whatever reason my internet connection is no longer working. I recently used a program called AdwCleaner to remove all the pop-up ads I've been having, but it seems to have stopped my internet connection altogether. I'm not sure if that is necessarily the reason. Anyway, my local area...
  14. W

    Solved Facing ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT While accessing websites

    Hi I am facing ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT while accessing some websites. Other popular websites such as facebook,YouTube are working fine. Please help me.
  15. B

    LAN issues - IP config release not working, resolving host

    I can connect to websites on Chrome after a long wait, with a bottom left text box saying "resolving host" or connecting during the wait. My desktop only has a ethernet port connected to the motherboard, and my another network connection that shows up in Network and Sharing center is LogMeIn...
  16. C

    No LAN-driver for windows 10 on my computer. What do i do?

    Well. I have updated to windows 10, and unfortunately Acer did not provide any Lan-drivers for my computermodel.. Now im stuck only using Wifi, and if i try to use the Lan-cable is disconnects me after 2 minutes.. Help me please..
  17. S

    Cannot connect Canon IR3300 to pc via lan

    i have recently changed my router from bsnl modem to TP Link Wr740n i was using the canon ir3300 just fine when i was having bsnl modem after changing it to tp link the installed network printer shows offline and when i uninstalled the current printer drivers from my pc and wanted to re installe...