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  1. J

    Broken laptop screen

    So I dropped my laptop and my screen is totally messed up. I tried to hook hdmi to tv but my TV says nothing is connected. I would like to somehow get my photos off this laptop but well I can't see. Is it possible to hook a computer monitor to my laptop and my stuff be seen on that monitor? I...
  2. V

    Lenovo Laptop Wont Record Sound

    On Monday I spilled some water on my laptop. It's now working fine, except it wont record sound on Adobe premier pro. I use windows 10, and it plays sound out perfectly. But, if I try to connect my mic, it doesn't record any sound. My mic works on other devices though and I can use headphones...
  3. A

    Buying a new laptop

    Hello. I'm new to this forums. I'm from India. So actually, I was in search of a new laptop. Then I found one laptop that fits my budget and requirements. But, I'm a bit confused about its RAM capacity. In the technical specifications, the Memory says "4.0GB PC4-19200 DDR4 SODIMM 2400MHz + 4.0GB...
  4. C

    Solved Dell Venue 10 5055 Not Working Properly

    Hi I am new to this forum. I have some problem with my Dell Venue 10 2 in 1 tablet. After doing a clean window 10 pro 32bit installation on it, I discovered that the sound, touchscreen, camera and the battery icon are not functioning properly. I have tried installing the sound driver from...
  5. L

    i5 has lower processing speed than an i3

    Hi, How does the speed and performance of this i5 SSD with 1-1.9GHz compare to this i3 SSD with 2-2.9 GHz and this i3 SSD with 3-3.9 GHz? Also, I presume this the i5 is still faster and better than the others despite being lower in processing speed? Lastly, with such good prices, does anyone...
  6. D

    Solved Which of these 2 Laptops is better?

    I am thinking of buying a new laptop and am considering between these 2:
  7. M

    Help buying a new laptop

    Hello, I am new to this website and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me with buying a new laptop. I have bought a laptop which was refurbished it was 12gb ram and 480GB SSD. I have not seen any other laptops with these specs and was wondering if I should be worried?
  8. P

    New laptop advice

    Hello! This is my first time posting so sorry if it’s in the wrong section! I’m looking to buy a new laptop, that I will just use to play the sims 4 when I went on Google they were showing me laptops that cost upwards of £800 and I just don’t have that kind of money. Do you have any...
  9. K

    Laptop Screen turning on and off

    I'm using a lenovo G40-80 laptop running in windows 10 OS. My laptop's screen have been turning on and off all for a while. I could still see the running applications but I cant use my keyboard because it looks like it is ghost-typing. The volume and brightness is appearing alternately on the...
  10. M

    Acer Online Store Reviews

    Hi everyone, I'm from Australia, and looking to buy a new laptop from Acer's online store. Specifically, this one: Does anyone have any experience with buying laptops from Acers online...
  11. N

    Opinion for graphic designer laptop

    Hi guys! I'm a graphic designer, i use a lot the adobe suite. I'm loking for a new pc, i always had a mac but i want to change to a laptop. I'm loking for a cool designed laptop (i dont want a super ugly and massive gaming laptop) and if possible i would like to have a 2in1 option so i can draw...
  12. L

    Cant turn pc on

    When i turn on the laptop it turns on for 3 seconds and immidiatelly shuts down. Its fully charged. When i put the charger in it turns on and again shuts down after 3 seconds. Can someone give me some advice please? Update. Now in the morning I cant even turn it on at all.
  13. F

    Laptop fan noise HP - ENVY x360 15.6" AMD Ryzen 5 2 in 1

    Hello, I recently purchased a brand new HP - ENVY x360 15.6" AMD Ryzen 5 2 in 1 - 1 TB HDD & 128 GB SSD, Silver (windows 10) from curry’s. I like the laptop but the fan is unbelievably noisy and it is always on if the laptop is on. I’ve tried a whole number of internet suggested tips like bios...
  14. mattig89ch

    Used Laptop Recommendations

    Hello all, I'm looking to buy a used laptop in January, after the christmas season has died down. The purpose of this laptop is singular. I want to run Ubuntu 64 bit, with the cinnamon UI. As you can probably guess, I'm going to be using it to learn Linux. That is its entire reason for...
  15. M

    Solved Upgrade Laptop

    Ive acquired a very cheap and working ten year old gaming laptop that pretty much needs an overhaul on upgrades. Im new to all this stuff so im just trying to figure out if itd be worth upgrading or if only certain things need to be upgraded right now. Its not capable at the moment to play...
  16. sweatynuttskinkybutts

    Best Gaming Laptop Under $1500

    it's so difficult to sort out gaming laptops under this range.
  17. P

    Solved Laptop Buying Advice for Photographers

    I'm looking to buy a new laptop and I do a lot of photo-editing (Photoshop and Lightroom), some graphic design, and am thinking of getting into video editing. I did a but of research about the best laptops for photo editing, but most of them aren't available where I am. I'd like some advice...
  18. J

    Acer Aspire One won't boot

    Hey Guys, I've found an old Acer Aspire One I owned a few years back. When I charge the laptop, I am told it is charging. The green power light comes on when I turn it "on", too. However, I do not hear the machine working, there are no sounds coming from it, and the screen stays black, and does...
  19. D

    Laptop doesn’t boot up

    Ok so, My laptop ACER ASPIRE Won’t boot up. It started with a screen replacement. Went well, everything worked. Week or two later it crashed. Needed to format the drive to boot. It worked after that. Then about a month later it done it again. It crashed. Wouldn’t work until I booted it...
  20. W

    College Laptop

    I recently found an asus zenbook 3 deluxe for €750 new (intel i5-7200, 8gb ram, 256ssd). Is this good value for college?