laptop boot problems

  1. PCnewbie20

    Win10 laptop no longer starting after sudden reset

    Laptop shows no display after sudden reset, power/ charger lights and fan working and no signs of startup, fan starts loud then goes quiet. Battery started presenting issues (601) and ran out of energy after minutes if no plugged in, back when it worked it shut down twice then the third time it...
  2. D

    Laptop broken :(

    My laptop recently automatically updated and has not since worked properly. When I try to turn it on, all that shows up is the logo and the loading wheel, or a black screen. I cannot access the log in screen. I have tried most if not all the solutions in Troubleshoot. I also created a backup...
  3. M

    Laptop wont turn on Acer Aspire A314-31

    Hi I've had my laptop (Acer Aspire A314-31) for 4 years now and have never had an issue before this week. when I open my laptop I usually press the power button and it will boot up and work fine as usual. Recently I haven't been able to turn it on, when I plug the charging cable in the orange...
  4. Altwaalsgd

    What happened to my laptop's motherboard?

    I was cleaning my laptop, I had disassembled it completely, I accidentally plugged the NVIDIA graphics cable upside down, I only touched it and something sparked in the laptop, the spark was from the bottom left side of the motherboard near the CMOS battery, I don't think its the CMOS battery...
  5. Di.ko

    Laptop doesn't power up

    Laptop doesn't turn on right away after pressing power button. Then out of nowhere just powers up after not so much specific time and then works normally. It does sometimes restart too but isn't too often. Doesn't seem the issue is with the battery or the AC adapter. I have wi10, HP.
  6. BasicSam

    Laptop powering on but no display and fans

    Hi! my laptop suddenly had this problem when I went to clean the dust out of the fans and airways, after putting everything back together I started it up and nothing happened except for the keyboard underglow lights. I didn’t feel or hear the fans or any hardware sounds at all. Usually my laptop...
  7. kidj

    Powering on my Laptop

    I need help powering on my Laptop
  8. H

    laptop won't power on

    I had bought my lenovo laptop back in 2018, it is no longer in warranty though, I checked. My laptop is lenovo yoga 510 AMD A9 6 th gen :- Yesterday, it was working well as always, I...