laptop buying guide

  1. D

    Solved Which of these 2 Laptops is better?

    I am thinking of buying a new laptop and am considering between these 2:
  2. F

    Laptop fan noise HP - ENVY x360 15.6" AMD Ryzen 5 2 in 1

    Hello, I recently purchased a brand new HP - ENVY x360 15.6" AMD Ryzen 5 2 in 1 - 1 TB HDD & 128 GB SSD, Silver (windows 10) from curry’s. I like the laptop but the fan is unbelievably noisy and it is always on if the laptop is on. I’ve tried a whole number of internet suggested tips like bios...
  3. A

    Solved Need some good option for hardware for writing purpose

    I'm about to start with my career in the writing field. I will have a lot of typing and research work. Need some advice on what configuration I should prefer in the laptop. My budget is $1500. I have shortlisted few options you can give your opinion on it, also please suggest if you find some...
  4. N

    Buying a used laptop vs buying a new one

    Guys, maybe someone's got an idea, if I'm making the right decision here. I'm about to purchase a used, but refurbished Dell Latitude E6540 from 2014 for roundabout 700 Euros. For that kind of money I could easily afford a brand new budget laptop. Thing is, the Dell is quite a powerhouse, a...
  5. M

    Laptop buying advice

    Hello, I have a start-up and need to purchase 6 laptops for my office staff. I would like recommendations on which computer to purchase. I am looking for something affordable, under $400 preferably. The laptops will really only be used for web browsing, emails, Microsoft Office (excel, word)...
  6. ashutoshkushwaha

    Need help in Buying a PC

    Hi, i have a little confusion and I really need your help to decide me buying a laptop. I'm confused between Intel and AMD. My main task on the laptop would be running Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise edition and running FL Studio and Pro Tools software for audio editing. In September, I purchased...
  7. N

    Buying a new laptop

    I am thinking of buying a new laptop under 30,000-35,000 PKR. ($300-350). Something around $400 might also work. I am not much into gaming or stuff. Usually, I play stronghold extreme or civilization V once every 2-3 months. I currently have an HP laptop, but it overheats as hell. Due to the...