laptop erratic power up.

  1. BillHates

    Need help with my brother's laptop computer

    Sorry couldn't run SysInfo. My brother is having trouble with his 11 year old Alienware laptop. It runs Windows XP. The problem started today. Some reason the power didn't seem to work. You would press the power button it would try to power on but than it would power off after a few seconds. I...
  2. aeiopam

    Solved Only backlight appears

    My acer laptop fell from my bed, 3 ft high last night. When I open it there is the window sound but the screen remains black and the backlight is on. When connected to external monitor it projects to the external monitor. I brought my laptop to a shop to assess it and everything was fine except...
  3. L

    Toshiba laptop screen wont turn on, led's working

    Hi, im a realtive novice when it comes to conputers, i usually just use my laptop to run a few client games and some steam applications, nothing heavy. After attempting to alt tab out of a full screen application, my laptop seemingly crashed. After rebooting the laptop the led power indicator...
  4. R

    Laptop Power Up Problem

    I have a Dell Inspiron 3541 Laptop running Windows 10. When I try to power up either battery or adapter often I get the onboard power light to come on and the Dell icon on the screen very briefly then nothing! If I try enough times eventually I may get a boot and all is well. I have removed...