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    Used PC with No operating system

    hello my question is actually a few questions all revolving around the same sorry if this is a little long but please bare with me as i have been struggling to figure this out. okay so i will start with i have a Lenevo thinkpad with a SSD thats hardware is a samsung 850 evo with...
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    My laptop ram upgrade info

    hey there, i just want a help related to my laptop which is of model LENOVO B50. Actually my system is so slow as it contains 2GB RAM . i think i have to upgrade it ,but i don't know which company would be best for this . Also help me with the procedures i have to follow to upgrade my ram and...
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    Solved Intel drivers on laptop

    Do I need to install Intel drivers/ software for older laptop? I am working on an older Toshiba laptop L355-S7902, Serial No. Z8457742Q . Processor: Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3400 @ 2.16 GHz, Single hard drive - Toshiba MK2552Gsx ATA device. I have re-formatted, added some partitions, and...
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    Low fps all of a sudden?

    Hello, i bought a brand new hp Envy a little over a year ago. When i first started using it for casual gaming, i was running at decently high fps (80-90) but the past few months i have noticed i am now running around half that. I occasionally dip down below 40 aswell. I dont seem to have any...
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    WebCam won't work on laptop

    I have a pretty decent MSI laptop and it has a built in webcam and i use Windows 8. I have looked through multiple forums and youtube videos on how to fix it. The problem with it is my laptop doesn't detect the webcam and I cant use it on anything. I have gone into device manager and nothing...
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    Slammed computer screen down

    I don't know where else to post this question...sorry Anyway, my laptop was facing away from me, and I slammed it down to close it (not wise I know), but the mouse was on the keyboard. I opened it and the screen was white, with green, blue, and red vertical lines to the side. There's black...
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    Preparing to restore system

    I tried to do system restore on my acer laptop I've got windows 8 but I think I updated when it was free or whatever I must've gotten impatient and done it twice b/c now I've got 2 windows saying Preparing to restore system and it's stuck. Can anyone help me? I have a window open so I can...
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    Solved When do you know that your computer is too far gone?

    My laptop has caught a virus, I have tried so many tips to fix my laptop but all of my efforts are to no avail. I'm not a computer expert which is why I turned here for help. Please, I need your assistance. Furthermore, I have an HP laptop Envy w/ windows 10. Now, whenever I turn on my laptop...
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    Red X On Wireless Network

    so i just reset my laptop and there seems to be a problem with my wireless network, all my drivers are correctly installed. I have tried to troubleshoot or reset my box etc. but nothing works.. the specs to my laptop are iView Maximus 11.6 intel(R) atom(TM) quad-core CPU 32bit x64 based...
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    Laptop Frozen More Frequently

    Hey, My laptop seems to be freezing many times. It didn't use to before. It mainly happens when google Chrome goes slow. The Alt Ctrl Del as well as the Alt Shift Esc do not work. The mouse still work but I can't seem to use the Windows button or right click to go to task manager.
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    $1,600 ASUS Laptop... About to give up on it

    I bought a $1,600 ASUS Zenbook, mine is the UX31a model, about 3 years ago. 13.3 inch touchscreen, lightweight, and beautiful. This laptop has been the BEST... Until a few months ago. It started turning off, while on charge.. And when it turned back on it would say battery at 0%, plugged in...
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    Issue wth Toshiba screen freezing up

    Okay so I'll explain what happened from the start; I use Steam on my TOSHIBA laptop to play online games with my friends, and occasionally my laptop loses connection to the internet which comes on about two seconds later, now usually this doesn't effect anything and nothing bad happens, however...