laptop wont turn on

  1. W

    2 laptops won’t turn on need all data and users erased

    I’m not sure if I’m in the right category. I need to delete all my data and users off 2 laptops that will not turn on. As they are going back to the company. acer aspire 3 Kogan atlas cheers
  2. Thuthukani

    Dell inspirion 15 3000 wont charge and turn on

    Hey i need help on fixing my Dell laptop... I turned it of a hour ago, now it wont start and charge anymore i dont know whats up the laptop did not fall i looked inside nothing seems out of place
  3. L

    Solved No power up or signs of life

    I am a running a hp2000 laptop, that when I hit the power button all I get is the led to come on. I don't hear the hard drive or the fan coming on and after about 30 seconds the led shuts off. I have reseated the ram and the hard drive, and tested them in other computers. I checked the power...
  4. 1nspire

    Solved Inspiron laptop wont turn on (I really need this laptop)

    My dell laptop will not turn on I put it to sleep last night and this evening I went to go turn it on and there are no signs of life. I have removed the battery to discharge static and also plugged it in with out the battery. I don't know what to do I need this laptop to help my family. Is...
  5. ipsylon

    Lenovo laptop won't turn on after BSOD

    So recently my Lenovo laptop won't turn on after crashing to a bluescreen. I think the STOP code was "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION". Is there any way to fix this problem? My Lenovo one year warranty ran out so I'm screwed. Here is the video for clarification. The laptop is an ideapad and it has...