1. Janyos

    Every game launcher drops internet bellow 0.50mbps

    So pretty much I tried playing minecraft at first, and everytime the launcher is opened (doesn't matter if activate or background), it ruins my connection on my pc. I thought it might be their issue but now I launched up GTA V (which can't run without the launcher) and it does the same thing...
  2. N

    Solved Need Help.

    I need help with a game that I'm having trouble with, obviously. The game is Roblox. Now, Roblox has this launcher that you need to download in order to play a game on their platform, my problem is, when ever I try running this launcher, it says "The application was unable to start correctly...
  3. K

    0xc000007b Application Error on Epic Games Launcher

    Over the past few months I've been trying get Fortnite to run on my pc, but sadly with no luck. My first error with the installer of the epic games launcher was the download always getting hung up on Directx. I was able to troubleshoot this error myself by downloading the launcher on a...
  4. Holidayy

    Java/Server Hosting issues

    So for starters i'm not a pro with a computer, But ive been hosting servers for many different games over the years. But last week im pretty sure I ruined everything messing with my java( just blinding listening to other fourms). Its not just a server log error that can simply be traced. I need...