1. AbhiS1906

    Monitor Screen Problem

    Please help! My computer screen has some issue. It takes so much time to load properly. This happens with me everytime I start it. Please yell me what is the exact problem and how can i solve it.
  2. clueless14

    Will LCD damage spread?

    Hi! I have been looking for a new monitor and spotted this Acer 27" gaming monitor. The guy said he hit the corner with a plug when setting a desk up so now wants rid. The pictures are attached and I am just wondering if this is damage that will spread or if this is a bargain ? Also what is the...
  3. C

    BBEN G17 LCD replacement

    The LCD of laptop got busted and I need LCD replacement but I dont have any idea on what LCD to buy. Anybody there can tell me what LCD i need to buy, thanks in advance. The model of my laptop is BBEN G17
  4. rwsmith2143

    Screen turns black while playing games and using cortana

    So ive been having this problem for a while now and I dont know what I should do to fix it. My screen goes all black for a second when im playing high demand games, using cortana, and watching some movies. If im doing anything else, it works just fine, mostly. Does anyone have any...
  5. S

    Black Screen Monitor Issue

    Okay guys I need your help - I have Philips 220sw9fb/00 monitor, and some time ago my monitor started failing - the screen started to go black all the sudden. I figured that if I turned it off and on again it worked properly, and this worked for a while, but then the interval of proper work of...
  6. K

    Slight outline on everything on the screen

    I have a 24" 144hz LCD monitor, but it has always had these slight outlines on everything. It's not hard to ignore, but sometimes it really gets on my nerves. The outlines does not persist trough PrintScreen, and I may suspect it may have something to do with the cables in that case, although I...
  7. S

    Computer to tv without hdmi

    Short story LCD broken, no HDMI, no formatting possible. What cable can I connect to a tv? Details So my friends computer fell. None of the hardware is destroyed but the LCD is beyond usage and repair. They have a lot of data to get off it but removing the memory isn't an option now. I tried to...
  8. N

    Dark blue squares on screen covering most screen

    I went to go on my pc one day Windows 10 and a 6600 256mb graphics card and noticed these blue dots in a pretty straight formation covering the most average colours , but some dots will blend with the colour they are on and randomly the blue dots will turn yellow...
  9. T

    Solved Lcd Turning off randomly

    Hello, I have a little brother and he is trying to play some games on his Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70F however, sometimes his screen randomly shuts off, and when he turns it back on, he goes to some kind of battery manager, then he has to press back and unlock his tablet again. It's very annoying...
  10. J

    Broken lcd backlight or inverter?

    Hello I was wondering if someone had any advice. My laptop's inverter is makeing a buzzing sound and the screen is very dim. If i try to up the brightness the backlight shuts off(the pixels still work). Sometimes the screen starts flickering and working again but if i shut off the computer then...
  11. PrinnyKing

    Dropped Xperia Z3+, now screen has issues

    Hi. I recently dropped my Xperia Z3+ from a height of about 3 or 4 feet to the ground. I picked it up and it was intact, the glass is perfect, the frame is perfect and so is the back cover. Not even a scratch anywhere. However, the screen immediately starting working bad. Everytime I unlock the...
  12. Saturable

    Pesky stuck red pixel

    I've had this pesky stuck pixel on my laptop display ever since I unboxed it. I contacted them about it and they need at least 5 pixel defects for the warranty to cover it, so I couldn't send it back. I've read pretty much everything on the internet about stuck pixels and nothing has worked so...
  13. tanmoygoswami

    HOW do I get audio or sound for my PROJECTOR?

    i recently bought an Optoma DLP home Projector from staples and found out there are no built in speakers. and there are only four connections : VGA, RS-232, The yellow video jack (there are no red and white audio jacks), and an S-Video connection. they supplied me with just a VGA cable. I also...
  14. S

    Asus Zenfone 2 water damage

    Hello guys. First time posting here, and I'm not exactly sure I'm posting in the correct place. I have a Asus Zenfone 2 that suffered water damage. Basically, everything worked fine except the touchscreen which was unresponsive (the screen worked fine but I couldn't use the touchscreen for...