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    Help me pick a laptop for playing League of Legends

    Hi, everyone. So after a long time consideration i have decided to unplug my ps4 and buy myself a laptop for gaming purposes, solely for playing LoL (League of Legends). But I have no clue when it comes to computer hardware. However I have read that the recommended system requirements for...
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    League of Legends (game_error_directx)

    Each time I load LoL there is a 'crash' and a bugsplat report, but the game does not actually crash. When this happens I know it means that my game is not going to load. It does not do it all the time; a restart will fix the issue and I can usually play some games without having to restart...
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    Please help me!!!!

    I know my boyfriend has banned league of legends from authenticating through the internet. He's done it before and I really want to play. If anyone can PLEASE tell me how to get to the router or whatever it is I need to unban it from that would be OUTSTANDING!!!!! I really need this I have...
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    Unable to bind backslash in League of Legends and Warframe.

    I'm using a Corsair Vengence K70 (CH-9000050-UK) and running Windows 10. When trying to set the backslash key as a keybinding in League of Legends or Warframe nothing happens. It is not previously bound to another action and the game continues to wait for me to input another key. This is a UK...
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    Solved Computer shutdown after loading a game

    So I play World of Warcraft, 2 weeks ago while I was playing, my computer randomly shut down, like a power cut off and not a windows shut down. After this had happened, I tried to log back in again and I couldn't even reach the character selection screen. I then let it shut down for 30 minutes...
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    Whole computer freezes when i have lag spikes on online game

    Hi there, i bought this pc only 2 years ago and for the past year and a half when my ping would spike on a game called League of Legends my whole computwer would freeze and i would have to hard restart by holding off the off button this used to happen once a day but has now escalated until where...
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    FPS problem.

    Hello. First off, I'm playig on a Lenovo Y50-70 with a 15.6" 4k display. GeForce GTX860M 4GB,Core i7-4710HQ,16GB RAM,512GB SSD I've always played league of legends with 120 fps with v-sync off, on high grapics. But now my laptop won't go higher than 48 fps while v-sync is on. If i turn off...
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    Why is League of legends running extremely badly?

    I lately have gotten some PC upgrades and it seems that league of legends is running just the same, and sometimes slower than my older parts. My parts include: MSI 970 gaming, AMD-FX 8350, 8gb ram, and a RX 480 GPU. I am able to run Overwatch at 60+ FPS on the highest settings without any lag...
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    my league of legends does not work !

    my league of legends is broken ! i want to play the game but it says i have no internet! when i have i tried installing and rienstaling and nothing works... i tried to resset my network settings but that didnt help either... i need help ! pls!
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    Spiking Ping.

    Hello; Just want to say that last time i asked for help on here i got consistent feedback and support, so thanks for all of the input!. I really appreciated it!. I am having some minor issues with ping, which is affecting online gaming and would be really greatful for some help. I have tried...
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    New Laptop Does not run games well and overheats

    Hello, I got a laptop around 2 months ago and it has not been working as I expected. The laptop i bought is here https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FCFN2SE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 but when playing League of Legends i dont get a constant 60 fps on medium settings and after...
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    Installation problem - Chinese League of Legend

    Hi I wanted to reinstall my Chinese league of legends client but could not find a uninstall button, so I deleted the file directly from the program files. I then downloaded the game from TGP, Tencent (the company that owns and direct LoL in China) official third party program, but once the...
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    Problems Installing LoL on Alienware laptop

    I just bought a used Alienware laptop and I'm trying to download League of Legends onto it. The problem is that when I'm about to install it a pop up about Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 appears saying that I need to install it before it finishes League. However, "error 1935" appears at the end of...
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    Can't install the game League of legends

    Everytime i try to install the game it says i can't install visual c++ 2005 redistributable. The only thing it shows me before closing the download is an error code called 1935
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    Belkin N600 DB causing League of Legends problems

    Hello, I recently purchased a Belkin N600 Dual Band router and my internet speeds are great, however I love playing League of Legends and my play is greatly hindered for some reason. What keeps happening is that in a teamfight everything is very delayed and after that, it feels as if im...
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    League of legends domino effect errors, assistance please!

    it all happened in a galaxy far far away... Just kidding one day when i went to start a game of league i made it all the way to teh match os about to begin then when the game window launched .. well .. it didn't i got nothing no window nothing in tasks found a solution new antivirus from (avg...
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    Computer crashing after switching from league to Netflix

    Whenever I switch from league of legends to Netflix or hbo my computer crashes but it's not a regular crash with the blue screen but my screen will turn a random colour and the last thing heard through my headset will turn into a loud buzz that goes on forever till I shut down my computer. It...