led lights

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    Turn off pc fan led lights

    My motherboard is an asus a320mk and my fans don't have a remote. Is there a way to turn off the lights of the fans even when im using it?
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    Solved Installing new mobo, vga and boot lights on

    Hi there, I originally built my pc in mid 2017. Recently, I had to replace the motherboard as it died, for no apparent reasoning. I installed a new board, checked that the parts would work together in advance, seemed fine. I've got everything put back together, and my vga and boot lights are...
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    Led lights

    So to be honest i dont know what category to put myself in :) but its about my LED strip lights. This time i have the led strip light opard. Ive had this problem twice now with 2 different kinds of LED lights. I set it all up stick them down then when it comes to joining them, both strips are...