lenovo g50

  1. ItsJess

    Keyboard gone crazy, nobody able to understand why

    My laptop's keyboard keeps pressing random keys. One day it will start pressing sssssssss, the next day 000000000, then space, then ++++++++++++++ . I have given the pc for repair but nobody figured out the problem yet. Laptop Lenovo G50 Inbuilt keyboard I have cleaned it, used an external...
  2. Z

    Intel HD 5500 memory located

    Hello, I have a lenovo G50 PC and I'm running Windows 10. I've got 8gb RAMs and an Intel HD 5500 graphics card with only 128mb located for it. Is there any way to locate more memory for the card? (I'm trying to run Assassin's Creed Syndicate on it and it's lagging because I barely have the 8th...