lg monitor

  1. E

    Problem with LG Flatron W2486L LED LCD Monitor

    Hello all. Please help me. My LG Flatron W2486L LED LCD Monitor has recently developed a whitish patch near the lower center part of the screen. I don't know how or why this has happened nor do I know what it is. I haven't dropped the monitor or dropped anything on the monitor nor opened it up...
  2. Smash13

    Solved HDMI out of range - PS3 to New Monitor

    Hi, I bought a new monitor, LG 24MP68VQ. The idea was to connect my PC through DVI or VGA, and connect the PS3 by HDMI. Now, PC works just fine. But the PS3 doesn't. So I turned on the PS3, Then switched the output to HDMI, And I see a black screen. The black screen flashes every 5or10 second...
  3. M

    Using USB-C of Asus K556UR to LG 38UC99 Display

    Hi, I have a asus K556UR and I want buy a LG 38uc99 ultrawide QHD+ display. the good thing on it is that this display can receive video, audio, communicate like a usb and charge your laptop via ONLY a USB TYPE-C CABLE. My question is that my laptop (with 1 usb-c superspeed (not a superspeed+))...
  4. McDonald

    How to remove/detach stand of LG monitor (22M45D)

    I have a new LG monitor (22M45D), for some reason I need to carry it somewhere else, therefore need to detach the stand and put them in the box. The base has came off but the stand is somehow locked and there is no screw to unlock them. Really need some help on this....