lg tv

  1. W0lfyy

    Will using a 3.5mm jack to 2 RCA Audio Cable work on my TV?

    Hi, i own a LG UK6550 4K Smart TV, There is no place to put a headphone jack, I can't connect my HyperX Cloud II's to my TV, the only way is to use bluetooth headphones, but those are quite expensive and would rather just use my headphones im comfortable with. My 2 Questions are - Will the...
  2. Goddess-Bastet

    Mirroring laptop screen to TV - works once only.

    Hi all, I’m having problems connecting my laptop’s screen to the TV, On first setting up the connection by adding the TV via Bluetooth the screen shows but it refuses to connect again. No error other than can’t connect. Running Win 10 Pro 1909, all drivers up to date, TV running latest software...
  3. biagrin

    Would a Graphics Card Make Any Difference?

    So I have recently got into video editing but this is a hardware related issue. The main issue is running video on my TV. I am having issues with running 720p video so anything higher than this will also be an issue. I run a desktop through a 55inch LG 4k TV. Specs: Operating System: Windows 7...
  4. R

    setting up the sound system ? or TV ?

    hey ..happy holidays ... having a little trouble getting "sound" from the new LG-OLED TV, Via my Denon AVR-X2200W ... a setup that I have done before , but moved into a new place , the TV is new and the old "streaming" of NETFLIX ( which is where I do not get the audio) is now wired...