1. malodee

    Red solid light on MSI motherboard

    There's a solid red light on the bottom right of my motherboard that I didn't noticed before near my GPU. It's nowhere in the EZ Debug LED, so I don't know what it means. Should I be worried? Motherboard: MSI B360 GAMING ARCTIC
  2. K

    Solved Electrical Light Switch Problem

    I turned off a circuit breaker to a circuit that feeds two bedrooms -- a light switch and several outlets in each room. When I turned on the circuit breaker a few hours later, everything on the circuit worked except a switch in one bedroom that controls a fan with a light. All outlets in both...
  3. I

    Solved Problems with Powerbank?

    (I have no idea if it's the right category for this I'm so sorry if it's not >_<) Sooo my powerbank just doesn't turn on lately. It also has a lighter built in and it doesnt work either. However when I try to charge the Powerbank itself it lightens up (sooo its charging) but it's not able to...
  4. I

    Old pc Optiplex 320 Amber light

    About a month ago I got my brothers extremely old pc from about 2008 ( the optiplex 320) and he gave it to me but it had a broken graphics card I believe, because everything was always tinted green but once I got the new graphics card (geforce GT 730) it worked fine but it had only two 1Gb...
  5. R

    Backlit keyboard brightness not changing

    I just purchased an Asus fx553vd laptop. It has a backlit keyboard and has dedicated keys to change the brightness of the back lights. But on pressing the keys, nothing happens... the monitor shows some pop-up (like a key), but it does not change the brightness of the keyboard. Any help would be...
  6. A

    Western Digital external hard drive not working and flashing

    Hi, My Western Digital external hard drive just stopped working. There was no fall or energy issues as far as I know. It was perfect until yesterday, but today it keeps flashing a white light in front of it very quickly (each 1 or 2 seconds). Every blinking is accompanied by an intern spinning...