1. K

    Spotty WiFi, No Ethernet

    We have Charter Spectrum internet service. Been spotty for a few weeks now. They replaced the modem, worked fine. Now new problems crop up. We have NO internet access to any wired (Ethernet) device in the house, and only spotty WiFi internet access. Have tried 3 different routers (a...
  2. nenese

    Range Extender keeps disconnecting from Router

    My Setup: Router: LinkSys EA8100 Range Extender: TP-Link RE580D MAC: RE580D: EE:08:6B:E3:CB:0A PC Connected to RE580D: EE:84:35:C0:9E:8C The RE580D is connected to my PC via cable and has a wireless connection to my router EA8100. Every 10 minutes or so the connection between them drops...
  3. D

    Need help turning a router into a wireless access point

    So I just bought a Linksys AC1200+ router for the purpose of turning it into an access point as a range extender. I've been trying to connect it to the internet and try and set it up through but it just won't recognize the router at all even though I have it plugged in to my computer...
  4. J

    Linksys WW-DRT flashing

    I am trying to install WW-DRT onto my Linksys WRT 1200AC router, I have downloaded the firmware to laptop and tried to install via the firmware update on Linksys GUI. It says firmware was successfully installed but it still has Linksys GUI not WW-DRT as I would expect.
  5. F

    Linksys EA2700 | Ver 1.1.40 | WiFi Bandwidth Capped @ 10Mbps

    Hello Everyone! This is my First Thread. And I have been facing this issue for a Long time, no one has been able to help me out. I am using Linksys EA2700, updated with the current Firmware. The problems are mentioned below: 1. My Current Bandwidth Package is: 60Mbps = 7.5MB/s 2. My Router is...
  6. G

    Need help connecting pdanet to my xbox one correctly

    ive been trying for about a week to get pdanet on my samsung galaxy s5 to connect to my xbox. right now it connects but im having double NAT issues, UPnP issues, and teredo issues. im at a loss for what im supposed to do. pdanet connects to my computer perfectly and im using its wifi share to...
  7. L

    Linksys WPC54GS wirelss adapter inactive

    Well I got one problem fixed, and have another with my Gateway laptop. I had a Linksys WPC54GS wireless adapter on it before the hard drive failure that worked fine. I re-installed the driver for it by downloading it onto a flash drive and putting it on the laptop, installed it again and it...
  8. B

    Can't upgrade to windows 10 from 7

    I have the windows upgrade assistant and it's telling me that my linksys router is incompatible with the upgrade. But I need to be plugged into it for Internet access, which is needed to update to windows 10. What do I do?
  9. S

    New router using exisiting router/modem

    Hi everyone, I currently have a Foxtel hub router/modem, but due to increasing demands on our home network, I wish to upgrade this. The router I have my eye on is the Linksys WRT1900ACS. This is mainly due to the highly praised speed at which it handles external storage devices ( I currently...
  10. W


    Hello, I need some help...i have a linksys wrt54gxv2 router and my internet is a dsl modem from the local phone company. Something is not with my router. First of all I have used my mother in laws router to check my computer, dsl modem, and everything else and the issue is only with the linksys...