1. C

    Windows user needs help to clone HDD

    Home security camersa system uses 2TB WD Purple Surveilance Hard Drive, now 7 years old. I bought new one. Raleigh NC, where can I get the HDD cloned?
  2. P

    HP Laptop will not boot from usb or dvd

    Hi, My laptop will not boot from usb or dvd. I have tried several times. I have gone into the boot menu, disabled secure boot, manually put the computer in legacy mode, and put the usb and dvd drive as top priority to boot; and it still will not load my bootable drive. Both the usb and dvd will...
  3. A

    Using Linux and Windows PowerShell on Chromebook

    Hi, I'm desperately looking for some guidance. I'm a novice to IT stuff ... I'm taking some IT courses now and I need to use Linux/Bash and Windows PowerShell. The problem that I use a Chromebook / Chrome OS. I've downloaded the Linux CL and done "share to Linux" for all of my files. But...
  4. zebanovich

    Manually create bootable Windows USB in Linux

    In this guide we'll create a bootable USB media with official Windows 10 ISO in linux. All the steps here have been tested in debian and should work just fine with other UNIX distributions. First step if you didn't already is to download official Windows ISO file, which can be downloaded from...
  5. HyDefy

    Linux/UNIX Mount point Implementation

    I'm working on Samba debugging, and I'm collecting as much information as I can find about how Linux/UNIX implements mountpoints. Any information or resources are welcome.
  6. Kayce993

    Installing wine on Ubuntu 17.10

    Can’t for the life of me figure out what I’m doing wrong. I have tried multiple times a few different instructions but keep generally getting same results. Here’s how it goes. [email protected]:~$ sudo apt-add-repository '' [sudo] password...
  7. G

    About VirtualBox

    Quick question; I've downloaded VirtualBox and I'm currently running Kali Linux on it. Also I have 20gb of ram on my laptop. Is it overkill (or it's ok) to provide 4gb of ram (or 5gb) to VirtualBox?
  8. lucifer.489

    Transfer usb live persistence linux to SSD partition

    Dear tech-support: I am a windows user but also i use kali linux in usb with live persistence. But since my usb is not having enough storage i want to install that same usb linux on my computer SSD partition with all other persistent data without getting lost. Please help me in this.
  9. L

    Linux with AMD Ryzen 5 4500U

    I see AMD ryzen 5 chips to be more value for money than intel i5 xxxxU series for same price range. But has anyone tried linux with Ryzen 5 ? Any significant issues seen? Recommended? Some reviews I have seen say Ubuntu 20.04 on Ryzen 5 went without issues, but from a long term perspective...
  10. F

    Can't install Ubuntu on my pc

    When I try to install Ubuntu 20.0.4 on my pc It pauses at the Updates & software page (Where you choose what kind of install you want) when I press install it just stays on that page and sort of freezes. I tried to do a minimal installation just to see if it would work and it did mostly install...
  11. L

    Installing Linux Packages Offline

    I recently acquired a HP stream 11 with Ubuntu 18.04 pre-Installed and came across the "No wifi adapter found" problem associated between that and Broadcom wifi which apparently is a very common issue, and have researched to find i need to run the following terminal command to correct the issue...
  12. B

    Duplicate usb drive with linux in UEFI, which do I choose?

    I installed Linux Mint onto a bootable USB drive, but when I get to the UEFI menu it shows my USB twice even though there is only one plugged in. One is called "UEFI: KingstonDataTraveler 3.0" and the other is called "UEFI: KingstonDataTraveler 3.0, Partition 2". I don't know which is the right...
  13. R

    Need help to set up my system

    Right now I've got Windows 10 installed on a NVME and Ubuntu Linux on another drive. I have to reboot to switch between the two, but since the advent of Windows Subsystem Linux I think I want to migrate away from the dual system. I'm a developer, but I don't know operating systems too well and...
  14. J

    Is it possible to use SD card with to install Linux mint?

    I am using a HP 2000 and I dont have a flash drive, i was curious about the SD card and if i can, how do I boot without the windows 10 OS booting?
  15. S

    Thunderbird can't log in to Gmail on Linux

    Running TB various Linux devices accessing gmail. I use two step verification. Recently the TB apps on the Linux devices repeatedly ask me to sign in to Google. Then a cycle starts of 'wrong password' error messages. Going back to Mail Account Setup in TB, I get 'Username or password invalid'...
  16. AzharAxe

    Recover formatted Hard Disk in linux

    I have an old PC, it was running on Win7, very slow, I heard of lightweight linux distribution Linux Light, i tried to install it on the PC, while installing linux light i went through "NEXT and Continue" procedure and Thus FORMATTED and LOST all my Hard Drive :( I really Need Help in this...
  17. llsee

    Linux on ASUS T102HA

    Does anybody have experience installing Linux on the ASUS T102HA? I would like to replace Win10 Home on this Intel Atom powered little PC. I have been toying with the idea of installing Lubuntu or Ubuntu-Mate on this under-powered machine. If anyone has tried, successful or not, I would...
  18. M

    Solved Help with Linux terminal on Windows

    Hello, I have enabled Windows subsystem for Linux by running Windows Powershell as administrator and ran the following: $ Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux After that I restarted my computer and installed Ubuntu. Then i ran the following...
  19. P

    Internet is not working if i change my MAC address

    Hi ! I'm new here. I encountered a problem with ParrotSec OS. I am doing an Security & Penetration Testing and wanted to change MAC address and work. I successfully changed my MAC address, but the internet is not working. I was using Digisol (Router) and it's MAC address was registered with my...
  20. E

    Solved Converting Windows 7 to Linux on a Dell Optiplex 3030AIO

    Hullo, I should be grateful to receive advice on converting my OS from the current (sunset) Windows 7 to Linux. I run Windows 7 on both a Dell Optiplex 3030AIO desktop (my major concern) and an old, but serviceable Compaq 610 laptop used for occasional outside assignments. Connected to the Dell...