1. Wessel9849

    LiveKernelEvent 141 and 117

    Hi, And when i try to game i get crashes because of LiveKernelEvent 141 and 117. This happens in about 60% - 75% of the games. I have a brand new gaming setup: Ryzen 5 3100 GTX 2060 16Gig RAM So the specs should not be the problem. I have tried the following: DDU Clean install...
  2. C

    Monitor cant turn on even when pc is shown to be running

    Okay so this occuring problem started off on last Saturday when i was playing game. My computer froze, which forced me to force shut down. When i turn on, it seems fine, so i decided to retest it by playing another game. It froze again. So this time, thinking its my graphic driver, i went to...