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    PC random reboots during gaming

    Hello, I bought a gaming PC from Amazon 2 years ago, and the following issue has always plagued my computer. The PC reboots on numerous occasions such as if I'm watching a YouTube video, or using Chrome and Spotify at the same time, or even Chrome on its own. It happens most frequently when I...
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    PC turns off once games load

    Hi there! This is my first Thread! I've been having this issue for 2 months now, and it's annoying. My pc loads a game (for example : Fortnite), once i'm in the main menu the computer turns off, no errors showing, nothing. MY PC SPECS: CPU : i5-4690k (it has a coolermaster cooler) GPU: R9 280x...
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    Dell not loading

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 3558 and recently changed the hard drive. After that my computer started glitching and it would say a problem was found which led to it running a test. The test then verified that there were no problems with the hardrive. However, the screen shows the Dell logo but...
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    game just shuts down when i load it

    hi i can not launch skyrim on steam, i get no warnings or errors come up, it just shuts down after i load a save or create new one, can help please?
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    Veiwing Individual Core Processor Load

    I was recently monitoring my processor load as my computer was running a bit slow. Eventually I noticed that Task Manager does not show the load on individual cores. Supposedly I have a Quad Core - 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-6400 Processor (6M Cache, 2.7GHz up to 3.30 GHz) I think on my...