loading screen

  1. Naxks

    Certain games stuck on loading screen/black screen

    Hello people! Since some time now i have been struggling to use my pc for certain games. This problem started a few months ago. Back when it first started i still had some days where it magically started working again but after some time that was not the case anymore. A month ago windows...
  2. RedactedHood

    Windows 10 Very Long Loading

    So this happens everyday. Whenever I open my computer, it will be in an infinite black screen loading of windows 10, ill send the picture. So I fixed it by experimenting, and I tried removing one ram, opening my pc, turning it off, put the other ram again, open the pc again, and it will take 10...
  3. M

    Astroneer Not Loading

    I have gone to many, many sites and spent hours trying to fix Astroneer. The game starts up, shows the developer logo, starts loading screen, then closes. Nothing so far has worked and this is what I have done. Turned of Antivirus; Updated driver and system; Installed Visual c ++ 2015 (twice)...
  4. zjx

    Windows 10 Won't Boot After Attempted System Restore

    Hi, Yesterday I attempted to perform a factory reset on my Acer laptop, which runs on Windows 10. However, the reset failed, and after I tried to switch on the laptop again, it did not move past the booting screen. It is now currently stuck on a screen that contains the Acer logo, and does not...