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    Solved after turning on laptop windows 7 takes 14 min to load

    I have a Compaq Presario CQ62-228DX running Windows 7 Home Pre. its gets real hot, i have taken it apart to clean the fan but it still gets hot. i have it on a cookie type rack that stands about 2 to 4 inches off table for air ventilation. my other issue is that after i turn on my laptop boots...
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    Connected to Wifi But No Internet?

    I am using a Toshiba laptop and it has windows 8.1. I have connected it to the home wifi which other devices are connected just fine to. When I open a browser the page states "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" and then when I diagnose the problem it says a problem cannot be identified. So then I...
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    Windows 10 Loading Problem

    Hi. So today i started to load up my laptop and it proceeded to give me an error screen saying it had to restart. But when it restarted it said scanning Drive (C: )but now it is stuck on a Loading Screen with a Loading Circle In The middle and has been like this for Hours. I've tried everythibg...
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    Computer keeps loading windows endlessly

    My desktop (windows 7) was working fine but I had to move it to another room for a couple of days. When I plugged it back, windows 7 was endlessly loading and i could only enter in safe mode but with no solutions. After trying many things and failing, I've decided to install Ubuntu and...