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    How to build & host an intranet website

    hi guys.. i'm not sure where to post this.. I want to develop a intranet webpage to be able to train my new people and create a resource for my employees I have a Windows server 2012.. and when i type in "intranet" the things that come up are IIS and Sharepoint.. i have Sharepoint online.. but...
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    Fax receives long distance calls but not local calls

    Hi, I saw the reverse of this problem here somewhere. Distant callers can successfully send me a fax. Presumably they are using 1 as the first number, followed by my 10-digit local landline number. However, local callers' faxes (presumably without the 1 first) generate an error message and no...
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    Problem with adding local images

    I'm making an own website , but I can't add local image and have to put links to url. I've tried everything src: (./....jpg) (/...jpg).... the image is in the same path. Help me please
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    Wireless Network is now Local what does that mean?

    Hello! One of my mom's friend recently gifted me his old laptop, because he bought a new one. It is a Windows Vista, 32-bit about a month ago. Everything was working fine, until last night when I closed my laptop in the middle of a Netflix show. Perhaps that was wrong, but I've never had...