lock out

  1. Erudino

    Screen Randomly Shuts Off

    Over the past couple months my pc will randomly shut off my monitor and lock it in power saving mode. The only way to turn the screen back on is to hard reset my pc every time. It also happens at various times, could be 10 min after I boot it up or 2hrs, I never know. Can anyone help me figure...
  2. A

    Solved Please Help!

    so I was trying to download a free trial of a Pc game which is available. I downloaded it off of the website, (which I thought) was legitimate. Apparently not. It has since (in the past half hour or so) downloaded multiple pop ups, some browser in manderin (orange and white squirrel icon), and...
  3. C

    PIN Lock out OFFLINE

    I just bought an Acer ($225 disposable) la top to homeschool. I am very pregnant and opting for online school. Now it asks me to enter the last password on the device. I am offline and I can't even connect to net without the password. It's obviously a Windows 10 hence the forum. Please help me...