locked disk

  1. W

    Solved Cracking Bitlocker

    I have tried to obtain the password through the cma but it's not there or in my microsoft acct. I've tired manage-bde command to reset, restore and tried to delete TPM but get an error saying drive is locked by volume. I can not access my Windows 10 desktop to turn off the Bitlocker, I was...
  2. thayolan

    Solved This drive is Security Freeze Locked

    Hello, i recently had an issue with an HP 2000 Laptop, it was booting to recovery (rapair mode) and then would fail and restart, i pulled the Harddrive and plugged it into a desktop and booted UBCD, and ran seatools. however shortly after beginning the long test i seen that it came up that...
  3. D

    Can't reinstall windows, says the disk is locked

    I got the blue BIOS screen on my samsung computer and tried to reinstall windows 8.1 with a disc. Now computer says that the disk is locked and that I need to unlock it to continue, but I have no idea how to do it. Please help!! I dont know anything about computers and don't have the money to...