locked out

  1. S

    Facebook - locked out of account

    Hello, So, I recently renewed my telephone number and deleted the Facebook app. I had the 2 step authentication set up but didn’t update my phone number before I logged out. (Not deactivated) I now can’t get on Facebook. It asks for the 6 digit code sent to my phone or to use code...
  2. M

    Administrator password

    I have a old dell latitude d600. I forgot the admin password and I have been all over the internet trying everything to be able to reset it with no luck or help. What can I do? I really need to get back into the system!
  3. B

    Unknown Firewall on Microsoft Chromebook

    My son has a Chromebook, and every time he tries to use Google Chrome or any website, we have a screen that pops up that says “To keep you safe from internet threats, please sign in to your company's Service.” It then asks for a username. I do not have a username to enter and don’t understand...
  4. C

    Locked out!

    I can no longer access my computer! I have a PIN to enter my computer, but it is no longer working. I'm not sure if dropping it had this effect or if my 1 year old accidentally changed my password. Ah! I need help.
  5. G

    Stuck in UEFI Bios. Won't boot to Windows 10

    It started when I took one of my hard drives out of my case. Now when I turn it on, it will open up the UEFI Bios page instead of booting like normal. I have tried turning everything off and back on, taking out my hard drives and reinserting them, resetting some options on Bios, but to no avail...
  6. J

    Admin password not found

    Hi I just received this windows Vista home premium laptop but it has an admin who upon a Google search is dead and I do not know the password to it and I need it for education purposes I don't have another laptop or PC and also I can't connect to the internet on it it is a gateway model with a...
  7. S

    Solved Please Help!!

    So I have a son who is almost 19 that I had to kick out of my house day before yesterday due to drugs and a violation of probation (other young kids in house and can't have this around them). Said 19 y/o boy has remotely accessed the computer here and locked it up completely so all we get when...
  8. J

    Device Manager error 43 Disaster

    I was trying to fix a Device Manager Error code 43 from "Unknown USB Device ( Device Descriptor Request Failed )" and now I have a bigger problem and have no way to access my computer. Followed the advice on this website after Googling my error code ...
  9. A

    Locked out

    Hi! My mother in law bought a used computer (dell optiplex 990) for my children and the previous owner never cleared it out so when it starts up it asks for his password. I've Googled how to get past this but nothing is going the way it should. I've called dell's IT department but was told that...
  10. metroid24

    Solved My Folder is Lock i need help to unlock it

    i recently reinstalled windows 10 and when I went to open my videos file on my external WD mybook and it would not open I guess I got connect to my previous network I had via Linksys before I reinstalled from scratch so anyone who can help my id appreciate it ill post pics below to show...
  11. J

    bypass google verification

    I have an LG Risio and when I reboot it its asking for the last email used on the phone and I was wondering if there is anyway you can bypass it.
  12. C

    PIN Lock out OFFLINE

    I just bought an Acer ($225 disposable) la top to homeschool. I am very pregnant and opting for online school. Now it asks me to enter the last password on the device. I am offline and I can't even connect to net without the password. It's obviously a Windows 10 hence the forum. Please help me...