1. thayolan

    Solved This drive is Security Freeze Locked

    Hello, i recently had an issue with an HP 2000 Laptop, it was booting to recovery (rapair mode) and then would fail and restart, i pulled the Harddrive and plugged it into a desktop and booted UBCD, and ran seatools. however shortly after beginning the long test i seen that it came up that...
  2. S

    Locked out safemode not working

    I was using my laptop yesterday as normal. I use the administrator account. then when I went to log in again about an hour later it kept telling me my password was bad. I changed it and it wont allow the new password either. Ive tried rebooting in safemode, pressing shift key/esc/delete/f8 etc...
  3. K


    So i currently have no way of accessing my computer so i tried to use lazesoft file manager in order to access system32 files but after i tried to do the trick of remaining utilman.exe and sethc.exe through the third party app called lazesoft Those two system files seem to be missing, and i...
  4. T

    Applock Major Problem

    I downloaded this applock called LOCX a few months ago . I cant remember my pin now . The problem is that I've locked my "settings" and " uninstall option " . And all my apps are locked as well . There is a otion for sending an email if you forget your password but it is not working . Everytime...
  5. A

    Fullscreen locks at too high resolution

    Hey i got this problem for a while now. Not every but some games when i make them fullscreen lock at 2550x1600 resolution. My res at desktop is 1600x1024 so i dont really know how that happened. I just reinstalled windows and it's still the same. I had before and now for a while after reinstall...
  6. R

    Dell latitude D830 3A5B bios locked

    Greetings! I have a Dell D830 laptop that a friend of mine gave me last week. He bought it new and has never had an issue with it. He took out the HDD and gave me a blank one to use in it's stead. Problem: doesn't matter if I try to F2 into setup or F12 to change boot, I get a window that asks...