1. I

    Stuck in a loop

    I just tried resetting my acer and i’m having the same problem. It keeps bringing me back to that page like a continuous loop.
  2. E

    Auto Repair loop and resetting doesn’t work either

    I’ve had my Acer Nitro 5 laptop for about a year and a half now, and 3 days ago, I was brought to a screen to repair my drives after my computer was loading slowly, ever since then, I haven’t been able to auto repair regardless of my attempts to repair the disk drive via the built in options...
  3. D

    Computer in a loop of turning on and off

    Hello, im stressing rn. I came to unplug a hard drive and then plug in an ssd and turn the pc on just fine go into bios to change the boot order. Look away. The PC keeps on turning on and off by itself in a loop and idk what to do. Please help :(
  4. C

    Gigabyte motherboard FF error

    [sorry for formatting I'm on my phone] When I try and boot up my computer it gets stuck at text that reads verifying DMI pool data and I get an error code FF on my motherboard. I tried making sure all the connections we're tight and they are. I also tried pressing the clear CMOS button and...
  5. M

    Trying to loop a macro

    Hi there. I am taking 6 digit numbers from an excel sheet, pasting them into word and making some changes to allow me to put them into another system where I can verify some details. Some times I only need to transfer a few numbers, other times I need to transfer up to 1000. So the data...
  6. D

    Print pyramid in following pattern in javascript

    I want to print pyramid in javascript as shown below:- when a function is called like pyramid(5) 1 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I need number of lines that is passed as parameter Thanks
  7. O

    Increased Virtual memory now getting BSOD Loop

    I recently followed a page explaining how to speed up my computer which has slowed down a lot in the past year. After disabling Auto manage paging file size for all drivers and setting the custom size for both initial and maximum to the recommended number below the Total paging size for all...
  8. C

    Keyboard layout loop

    When I start up my computer I keep getting a keyboard layout screen and when I select a keyboard it goes to the repair screen but nothing works... I don’t know how to fix it please help This was after an update
  9. S

    Boot Loop error 32 Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 7

    My computer won’t start and keeps going into an infinite boot loop, the error codes 15 c5 32 shows up and it stops at error 32 which is CPU PEI Initialization. The only way to temporarily fix this is if I remove the RAM then put it back, it sometimes then turns back on but if I turn it off it...
  10. I

    Boot Loop after MotherBoard screen

    Operating System Windows 10 Computer Specs PSU: Raider RA 750 CPU: Intel i5-4570 (3.20 GHz) GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 Windforce RAM: 8Gb of ram DDR3 (2 x 4Gb) Description of problem Hello all, and thank you for your help! My PC is locked into a boot loop: -computer turns on (fan and...
  11. NickBrown

    Automatic Repair Loop

    I have just built my PC which includes : Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - CPU Thermaltake Versa C22 Snow Edition RGB LED Lighting SPCC ATX Mid Tower Intel Core i5-7600K LGA 1151 Desktop Seagate BarraCuda 1TB 3.5-Inch hard drive EVGA 500 W1, 80+ WHITE 500W, power supply MSI Gaming Intel B250...
  12. K

    error 508

    Does anyone know how to fix this? HTTP Status 508 - An unrecoverable error loop occurred while displaying the Blackboard Learn error page
  13. K

    Solved MS Word Loop macro until end of document

    Hi. Need help on this. I'm trying to loop this macro until end of document, or until no auto 'work' text is found. Macro should search all 'work' texts and extends it until the next ), then mark them red, then repeat until end of document. Selection.HomeKey Unit:=wdStory...
  14. B

    Loop: Administrator inaccessible & Windows not installed

    Well not sure what happened but I think this problem relates to this topic so here's what happened. Basically for months now my laptop kept restarting randomly sometimes 1-3 but mostly only once and it happens a few seconds or minutes after the boot up. There are no event logs or warnings and...
  15. raygecko

    Login Loop On Website

    I need help with this website. I've tried using Safari, Chrome and Firefox to log in to this one particular website, but all the different search engines loop me back to the same log in page and I can't get past it. It's only this website that is causing me difficulties to log in. Using a...
  16. C

    blue screen loop

    Hey there, I've bought an asus g752vs less than a month ago and as I was playing a game. The game crashed, after which the system blue screened. Since then I've been unable to enter my account, system restore, automatic repair, system repair, or clean install windows: all of those actions...
  17. K

    Infinite Boot Loop

    Normally I am a very patient person. Please understand that. But sometimes, my self-built computer cuts its power, and it shuts down. Normally i just hit it on its side (;-; sorry), and the cable reconnects or whatever it is. However, I must have hit it too hard yesterday, because now I am stuck...
  18. Y

    Stuck in Automatic Repair loop after upgrading Dell 7559

    So, I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 7559, and decided to upgrade it with another 8GB RAM and a 120GB 850 Evo SSD. Directly after installing these, upon boot I was taken to a white screen reading: "The amount of system memory may have changed" with the options of "Continue" "BIOS Setup" and...
  19. S

    Boot loop pre-BIOS, boots after some time- leads to error

    I'm pretty sure some one here would be able to answer this. My PC is a pretty old(~7 yrs) one running a MSI MB with intel Core2 Duo Processor. Two RAM Sticks(2+1) of 3GB. No external GPU. For a month or so, it had some problems, like it would restart just after it shut down and the like. I...
  20. K

    MACRO - To run on all worksheets

    (This is my first posting) I'm very far from being macro knowledgeable, however, I did create two small macros that I would like to run on all worksheets, rather than just the active worksheet. And if possible, I'd like them to be the same macro, however, they seem to only work as two separate...