1. M

    When i open my device, it goes to downloading mode

    When i boot up the device it shuts down and goes to downloading mode, any tips to go back to the device
  2. DBoogie

    Windows Recovery

    My Laptop won't get back to desktop. Everytime I power up it goes to "Automatic Recovery" the screen just goes blank/black. Nothing seems like it's loading, hence after hours even days black screen. Note: Can get to BIOS and load Kapersky Rescue Disk/USB and Norton Rescue Disk/USB has problems...
  3. B

    Windows 10 Update has Destroyed My PC!!

    Hello, I have a Gateway computer that runs beautifully. At least it did until now. I came home from work and the Windows 10 update was frozen. I shut down my computer and put it back on. It came up that the old version of the software was being restored. After this happened is when my problems...