lost data

  1. N

    Video files missing

    I had backed up some videos from my phone to the laptop to a folder now some of the files are missing from a folder and another folder with some more videos just vanished. I tried to recover the data using multiple recovery softwares but no traces of those files. HELP PLEASE!!!
  2. L

    Solved Text in RTF file turns into blank spaces after blue screen

    I was working in Scrivener ( when my PC blue screened and rebooted. When I reopened the project, the text in the document I'd been editing had turned into 17 pages of what appear to be blank characters. (It's not just white text, I checked.) I navigated to the RTF file for that document...
  3. smfashionista91

    Lost data after installing an inferior version of Windows

    I am in a bit of a panic!!!! Be warned, I am not a techie in the slightest, and I'm certain I've committed many rookie mistakes which have lead to this most unfortunate event, so please bare with me... I have this habit (which I have now been told is a very stupid one) of setting my laptop to...
  4. J

    Files disappeared while being transferred to a now-exFAT USB

    Hello. I’ve been stuck in a predicament for almost a week, day and night, for hours to end, and NOTHING. I’m going insane! I really hope you guys can help me! Here I have a description on the situation, what happened before after and during. Brace yourself, it’s a little lengthy… but...
  5. H

    Root to recovery

    Hello! I have an LG G4. I deleted photos and videos a few months ago and I'd like to recover them. They are important so I'm willing to do some work on this. I've tried recovery programs and apps, got the best result from disk digger, but I need more than what I recovered. Is it worth it to...