lost file

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    I am begging, please help me find my lost file

    I am using windows 10, I have been working on a word doc for weeks deadline now. I saved it and switched my comp off (No, I didn’t back it up. Yes I’m a complete a-hole) upon switching my computer on the next morning the file was gone. Three shortcuts displayed a notification informing me that...
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    Lost files

    I had backed up some videos from my phone to the laptop to a folder now some of the files are missing from a folder and another folder with some more videos just vanished. I tried to recover the data using multiple recovery softwares but no traces of those files. HELP PLEASE!!!
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    Help! Lost a file and needs recovery

    Hi all desperately hoping someone can give me words of wisdom and get me out of a right fix. I've been working on an excel spreadsheet for days which seems to have disappeared (unfortunately I can't remember the name I called it). I've checked the recycle bin and it's not there. The odd...