loud computer

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    Solved Windows 8.1 PC, turn on with insane loud ringing noise

    I use my computer daily to work on stuff and its really the current thing I can do for my actual work I need for myself to get my money. Since I work alone in my own coding projects and other sorts. My computer randomly forced and update and I had 15 minutes before it would automatically...
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    Loud laptop

    So I turned on my laptop, logged in with my password and the second after that it started to made really loud noises and probably woke up everyone in the house... It kinda sounded like a lawnmower, or a car engine. Don't know an exact example of the sound but it sounded horrible and I knew...
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    New Computer is really loud?!

    Hey guys, so just recently I bought a new computer worth over $2,500. When I built this pc I had 2 things in mind, play games with no interruptions and make sure the pc is silent. Unfortunately my computer is quite loud when running games, or programs that use high CPU usage. MY SPECS...