1. AGuld

    Laptop becoming loud when I use it in vertical mode

    My laptop sometimes becomes loud when I use in it vertical mode as a secondary monitor. Is this due to the orientation of the laptop, or is it normal. More importantly, will my laptop be damaged if I continue to keep using it in vertical mode? Does having it stand up in vertical mode change...
  2. E

    Troublesome Fan Noise -- Hardware Malfunction?

    I recently bought a refurbished Dell Optiplex 2020 SFF, which ran excellently on startup. Shortly after, I upgraded it with a 315w power supply, and an Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 graphics card, which have both been operating excellently so far. However, yesterday, a loud fan noise started from the...
  3. Hrstar

    Solved Computer Crash

    Hello, So recently I have encountered a problem. My desktop's monitors turn off and the fan gets loud and spins fast. Could anyone suggest what could be the possible issues? Also, I have checked the temperatures before my PC crashes this way. The GPU temperatures are near 70C and CPU...
  4. I

    Fans LOUD & display BLANK after CPU cooler change & also

    I have a HP Compaq Elite 8300 USDT/USFF pc- the reeeealy small one. I have it running 24/7 as a media server, and since heat kills, I wanted to upgrade the cooling a little bit. Since the form factor is so small, and a replacement/larger case is out of the question (as well as liquid cooling for...
  5. gnrdeth13

    Fan Suddenly Running Really Loud at Frequent Intervals

    Having an annoying issue with my custom build. After four years of smooth operation, my fan is suddenly running very loudly at frequent intervals. Issue just sprang up about a week ago with no changes made to my system. So far I've stripped all background tasks except for Windows processes...
  6. N

    New Computer is really loud?!

    Hey guys, so just recently I bought a new computer worth over $2,500. When I built this pc I had 2 things in mind, play games with no interruptions and make sure the pc is silent. Unfortunately my computer is quite loud when running games, or programs that use high CPU usage. MY SPECS...