low bandwidth

  1. Ronelh

    Video calling over low bandwidth

    I am an expat working in an office-type situation in sub-Saharan Africa, where internet access has always been limited at best. Broadband is not available in this remote country, and isn't likely to come here anytime soon. But a couple years ago, unlimited data over 3G internet finally became...
  2. Hariszz

    Issues with WiFi

    Hey, I have faced some issues with my router. PC, connected via LAN gets good connection and speed, but when connected via WiFi, speed drastically drops down at some times, disregarding the location. WiFi signal strenght is good, 5/5, but sometimes I get very low download/upload speeds. For...
  3. rvnmedic6869

    Video Streaming Problems on HDTV

    I am getting "low bandwidth" error messages when using Netflix and Amazon Prime video streaming for the last couple of months. The show will play for a minute or two and then there's a buffer overrun. Sometimes it catches up but usually not and I have to exit the video. They play through...